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Star Wars Episode VII: Possible release date and rumors revealed

If you haven’t heard the following news, you aren’t a Star Wars fan: Star Wars VII is slated to be released in 2015. Feel free to be excited. It’s been 8 years since Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was released and it seems a little hard that we have to wait another two years to see it, but we’ll count ourselves lucky if it’s released even that soon. According to, Kathleen Kennedy, a storied producer and head of Lucasfilm, wants to push off the release date until 2016.

Apparently, J.J. Abrams has had some trouble coming up with writers who will stick around to create the script. Michael Arndt, an Oscar-winning screenwriter, is no longer writing for it and Lawrence Kasdan and Abrams are back on the job. However, despite the difficulties, Disney CEO Robert Iger is insisting on a 2015 release date.

Harrison Ford rumored to return as Han Solo

There are also a number of rumors circulating around the release of the movie. For instance, everyone wants to know how many of the show’s former actors will be back to reprise their roles. Harrison Ford’s option to return as Han Solo has been the subject of much debate. On the Today Show Host Erica Hill wouldn’t let him escape without asking him this burning question.

Hill said, “I know you said you would love to reprise Indiana Jones, there’s a lot of speculation about Han Solo. . . . Would you care to entertain any of that speculation?” After hem-hawing around the question he answered “You know I’m not in a position to say much about it at this point.” Hill probed deeper: “Ok, so we’ll read into that whatever we want to read into it, how is that?”

Finally, Ford was goaded into replying, “It’s a work in progress . . . maybe.” predicts other returning actors
The International Movie Database has made a few further predictions. Its Star Wars: Episode VII page includes 5 actors rumored to be returning, including Harrison Ford (Han Solo), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Leia Solo), Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO). Whether these actors will actually appear in the finished movie is entirely up in the air at this point.

Episode VII to return to a gritty, Western feel

The Times Magazine recently interviewed J.J. Abrams about what other plans he might have for the movie. He answered, “I loved how [the original] Star Wars had that sense of a world far beyond the borders of what you can see and have been told—it’s one of the things it did so brilliantly.” In the new movie, he’d like to return to this Western frontier-style of galaxy, which will be a departure from the Prequel Trilogy which was set more often in giant, shiny cities.

Prepare for Episode VII with Star Wars pajamas gift

No matter what the final outcome of these rumors is, it seems only fitting that true Star Wars fans be able to enjoy these timeless classics in style. Jumpin Jammerz has a selection of Star Wars print footed pajamas for the best type of comfy movie-watching. You can buy them for someone you love who can wear while watching the existing 6 episodes of Star Wars and at night while dreaming of Episode VII yet to come . . . May the force be with you.

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