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Idea for More Interactive Villains: having 3 Alien Sith Lords using the rakghouls and Terentateks as a small army to defend their project on another area of the planet.

Also having a new playable character that joins your crew and she is a Dark Jedi. And during the course of this planet, she will discover what happen to her squad. 3 Sith Lords are the cause of her squad. after the close of the planet, she joins you.

Fade to Black Sidequests:

Revan: Faces his Dark Half and the truth of the Star Forge and why the Star Forge must be destroyed.

Seviole: Her guilt of her squad's death.

Hk-47: His failure to kill Mandalore the Shadow. And his re programming by him to kill that Mandalore Soldier.

Each of them have to overcome their past and each side quest has to be done alone with that said character. Of course there will be a boss battle as well.
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