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Believe me, I'm opposed to pollution of our environment. But this whole global warming sham reminds me of the hysteria over the "COMING ICE AGE" of the 70's. Though largely media driven back then, the hysteria was the same. There are few areas where the measuring instruments are not near a heat source. In a few cases, the measuring equipment is actually near exhaust vents, in areas surrounded by blacktop, or have been moved a significant distance.

I remember how bad the air was before we had significant air quality requirements. The air is much cleaner and easier to breathe now. If you want to focus on that aspect, I'll agree with you. If you want to focus on not pouring chemicals into the water we drink, or the oceans and lakes we get our food from, ABSOLUTELY. Global warming, NOPE. The problem with this global warming scam is it's filled with pseudo science, and faulty data. Why would they do that? Because governments pay for grants for the global warming studies, while only a few companies seem willing to fund the opposite research(which is then discredited because of the source of funding).

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