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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
perfect choice of words, since that is about the only way to get someone to play it. If you want RPG-writer to see brilliant writing in a Obsidian Entertainment game... I would force them to play Fallout 3 (to see what not to do) and then play Fallout: New Vegas to see how it should be done. Sabre made me finish AP, I will admit decent story to great story, but the utter frustration you had to put up with to see the story, well that would only be worth the time and effort in a Star Wars game, see TSL.
*facepalm* for this post.

F:NV is definitely not the way you want a STORY driven RPG to work. Really. You think someone should make stories work like that?
Nope, just no.
And that story or C&C thriumps AP? Nope.
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