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Originally Posted by HED View Post
I don't consider Superman overpowered because I think he works best as the superhero who you know is always going to win.
Disagree, I think Superman shouldn't even be classed as a hero. If you cannot die, are invulnerable and unbeatable it is not possible to be heroic, brave or courageous. It also sucks any dramatic tension out of the films. Martha Nussbaum is undoubtedly correct that the biggest tragedies in drama consists of impossible choices posed by inalterable circumstances. (Think Batman, with Harvey Dent and Rachel in TDK, or what to do about the Nuclear bomb in TDKR).

Superman doesn't face those decisions because apparently when his girlfriend dies he can spin the world backwards to reverse time and save her. His only real weakness isn't cryptonite it's that he's freaking stupid. "What's in that led-lined safe Lex? It has to be my birthday cake, cause you'd never try and get cryptonite close to me would you..."

Another problem with his character is he doesn't have any normal human faults. He's "perfect", which in some senses is his whole problem, but it renders any thing he could teach us redundant; because while all the other superhero's have superpowers they still retain weaknesses. Superman has none, you can't even hurt the people he loves as he will just reverse time or some such other crap.

Also - "The difference between Superman and Batman"

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So yeah, Superman is too overpowered it's ridiculous, he's also a dork.

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