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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Urluckyday, I feel your pain. You descibe my utter dumbfounded shock and resulting mini-depression exactly. I play the MP because that way I can pretend the ending still hasn't happened, that as James Tiberius Kirk said, "I like to think that there are, always, possibilities. "
It's just frustrating to me that anybody could **** up a series that bad in just the last 5-10 minutes! Once I met the "god child," I knew the ride was over. Mass Effect could've been one of the greatest stories ever told (in any medium) had they just taken a little more time to think things through and realize that there were other ways to end it. I don't know whether or not it came as a result of pressure from EA to get the game done, but I doubt it.

I know it's been over a year now, but it still bothers me that I never got to finish my story - I got to finish their story with 3 stupidly similar outcomes.

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