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"'Oath Sister'.....Amy. No thanks are needed, no debt is owed by you. I made a promise, a solemn oath. And the debt.......The debt was mine to pay....It still is,"

Amy bowed her head. "Non the less. I still owe you my thanks. Without you, I would have most likely have been found and killed by now." She said as she turned to look at the house Beta Ray had built.

"I...Wow. It looks great Bill." She said with a large smile. "I don't know what to say."

"We start where we stand, "Long silent strides, before loud thunderous leaps. Our efforts must start small dear Amy, or we will do nothing but become icons and martyrs."


"Yes." Amy said simply.

Amy looked out at Las Vegas. She had listened to rumors and although a few of them may have been out of date they may still prove useful. "It's been renamed Hammer Falls. In fact, it's where I was living when I came across Mjolnir."

She turned to look at Bill. "It's where Thor made his final stand. People used to pray at the hammer for the heroes to return and to fight for them once again." Her eyes somberly turned to the ground. "When I took the hammer...people were so excited and hopeful. I feel like I let them down by not fighting for them."

Her eyes once again returned to Hammer Falls. "I intend to fix that. I intend to give people hope once again."

She turned to Beta Ray Bill. "From what I hear, Hammer Falls was under the Kingpin until he was killed by Spider-Girl. Now that she has control of the Kingpin's territory she's become an even worse threat than the Kingpin. I've heard rumors that another villain has been trying to wrestle her territory from her."
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