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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
The "space child" was not at the beginning of the game.
Space child does look an awful lot like...

That was what I was meaning.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Could that have been done better? Probably. Was it completely unexplained and/or out of left field? No.
I think it definitely could of been done better

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
I'm only cursorily familiar with this. Based on my understanding of it the indoctrination theory would make both existing ending even more meaningless. Am I wrong?
I think it would of made for an absolutely awesome plot twist. Usually with "amazing" plot twists, say Revan I already saw it coming from way off, I certainly wouldn't of guessed Shepard was indoctrinated. From a story perspective it would be great I think, for an RPG (which ME is and isn't) it would be awful; having the PC in an RPG as an unreliable narrator seems highly problematic
It would of course make all gameplay after the point Shepard was indoctrinated 'pointless' - but isn't the point of indoctrination the insidious you think you are doing what is right part of it.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Did you mean From Ashes?

Leviathan explains
why the Reapers look like giant cuttlefish, where indoctrination comes from, and how the cycle started
I'm not sure what the name of the DLC is as I played it on a friends computer but whichever one has the Leviathan hiding out below the waves on a far off planet.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
From Ashes, on the other hand
provided the foil for Shepard, and by extension, this cycle. All the other cycles took the Javik route (i.e. one dominate species over all others), whereas Shepard was able to unite species, help them to work past their insurmountable differences, build trust where no one else could. In other words, he did what no other organic was able to do in the history of the universe: bring the galaxy together. This is how he showed the Reapers that they were wrong and forced the recalculation of their directive.
You can still figure this out without the DLC, however it certainly helps to show, rather than tell.
I was more meaning in terms of the origins of the Reapers and what happened, space child says a bit but personally I thought the Leviathan explain it much better.

Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Meh. I suppose it would have been possible to write a story that was interesting, engaging, satisfying, etc without revealing the motivations of the Reapers, however antagonists which are "evil for evil's sake" tend to be boring. While the whole
AI takes instructions a little too literally, resulting in mayhem for the organics it was intended to protect
schtick may be a little thread-bare, it does afford a little umph for the modern tragedy.

Whenever I see this one, I wonder if the person who made/the person posting it either doesn't get that it's wrong or conveniently pretends not to get that it's wrong for the sake of the lolz.
For me, you go back to ME1, and Soverign (sp) talks about the Reapers being far above human understanding and how humans cannot understand their motives, when you can actually explain it in a sentence, that I found highly frustrating. It's not so much evil for evils sake as the motives behind it at least being more complex than what was explain in ME; I think thats my gripe was ultimately the explanation was simple. As for the picture I was originally intending to say the above, but I found that picture too tempting to post instead succumbed to the lolz

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