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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Based on my understanding of it the indoctrination theory would make both existing ending even more meaningless. Am I wrong?
No. We rarely agree on anything, but we do agree on this. There's bad fan faction and then there's the IT.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
For me, you go back to ME1, and Soverign (sp) talks about the Reapers being far above human understanding and how humans cannot understand their motives, when you can actually explain it in a sentence, that I found highly frustrating. It's not so much evil for evils sake as the motives behind it at least being more complex than what was explain in ME; I think thats my gripe was ultimately the explanation was simple.
As I have said since ME2 came out with its go nowhere side-quest and sudden injection of all new (and contradictory) lore, this is what happens when you make up the overarching plot for a trilogy as you go along. It's never going to end well.
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