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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
As I have said since ME2 came out with its go nowhere side-quest and sudden injection of all new (and contradictory) lore, this is what happens when you make up the overarching plot for a trilogy as you go along. It's never going to end well.
Aye, I certainly agree, and the way the three games play out it seems to me that Bioware suddenly thought we can make a lot of money off Mass Effect so we should do a sequel, the games don't play out as an over arching plot IMO. I agree ME2 is an entirely pointless - you spend the whole game trying to stop the reapers coming back and then ends with the reapers coming back... My biggest bug bear across the series; Cerburus being terrorists/"good" guys/Indoctrinated I found extremely painful/fanciful.

Funnily enough of course I think Star Wars and the Prequels also show this problems, the cracks started appearing in RotJ and then the prequels...

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