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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Just a thought, but with the Jedi Temple and Sithspectre having introduced his Coruscant skinned modules, could we have a brief visit to the Jedi Temple where the quest to the planet is given? It would mean we could obviously add a store and a few nice items to get there...

Could we meet and have to stop a Sith from TSL - say if we add an earlier incarnation of Darth Sion? Also chasing after mastering the Abyss that DI mentions... Revan (the PC) ultimately can't defeat Sion in combat due to his ability to heal himself, but Revan defeats Sion by Mastering the Abyss and then trapping Sion somewhere on the planet?

That is a good idea. As for Kotor Campaign Guide, Revan dismiss Sion being blinded by Rage. So I won't put it pass Sion to visit the Abyss for further Training in the Dark side.
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