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Thanks, everyone.
Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
Might this also be available for KotOR1 as well? I imagine that have that "lasers from the sky" bit might be fun for those making a machinima of the destruction of Taris . . . not unlike this mod for JKA.
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YouTube Video


Unfortunately it's not as versatile, due to the lack of script parameters.

And I worked in all the damage and other effects from the grenade script, in both games. In fact I had to turn that off for the above recording because the explosions kept throwing me around the module and ruining the shot.

This will all be going in the toolboxes soon (along with the source scripts, of course, if you want to use it in a mod). K2 will be up to 1.2, while K1 is still in beta at 0.7.

EDIT: JC's Toolbox for K1 v0.7b

And K2's v1.2 is on its individual page.

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