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got alot of stuff done today...cleaned my messy room, cleaned all the trash out of my car, filled up my gas tank for the trip tonight (35 miles one, which i may end up cancelling if my buddy isn't going (i absolutely hate being a stranger in the crowd of people that all know eachother, but if im with a friend, it's not a problem!) looking forward to spending thanksgiving with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews!!!!!! i got to spend it last year with them right before the deployment. my grandma was supposed to come up, but since the snowstorm is going to hit sometime, she decided not to. kinda sucks, but sometimes she makes people, such as my mom, unhappy. lol

my plans for the rest of the day are to relax and play video games. i'm getting close to beating the splinter cell blacklist campaign. i escaped out of gitmo. lol love the various gadgets you can use and the awesome melee takedowns. also plan on watching some more of The Walking Dead. and since you guys brought it up....Fallout 3, i might just start playing that again, i need to bring it up on my 360 so i get achievement points for it, i have the GOTY edition, so that's nice. also i have New Vegas which i haven't even touched yet, and i heard it's very good. but i have so many other games i need to beat yet...

that chick that lives a couple hours away messaged me yesterday, and we planned to meet up sometime in december, we'll see what happens with that, i'm remaining optimistic about it.

i need to get brakes on my car next's also due for inspection and oil change, so i'll probably get all 3 at once. just hope it doesn't cost me too much. i really like my 1998 Subaru Outback Legacy

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