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that sucks...i hate that places are open on thanksgiving, it's stupid. though when i was working walmart, i'd always volunteer to work that day plus black friday just to get brownie points from the managers so when i did do stupid **** (calling off because i was tired, etc), i'd always point at all the holidays i volunteered to work. i kinda did the same thing on deployment, i volunteered to outer perimiter patrol in the humvee on christmas and new years, with the LT, it was fun, and i ended up getting a good remark for it on my E4 evaluation. i miss that job so much...job hunting is getting depressing, i'm hoping/praying to hear back about the security officer position i applied's like the closest related thing to what i was doing overseas.

today i slept in til about went out got my haircut and took my car to the carwash for the first looks so nice!!! (both haircut and car lol) now im just wondering what to do...(drinks it is!)

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