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canon revan's hair for default's faces

Hello everyone !
I'm Spanish so sorry if my english is bad, i I recognize that some have used another translator to write this.

I recently animated me to make mods on Kotor. After viewing the canonical face looks of revan in The old republic videogame, I wanted to make several changes adding the canonical long hair in some bioware default's heads that I usually use in my party.

Here some pics some pictures of what I've done:

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

With this modification you can role-play and make as if your favorite Revan's face would grow hair during his adventure. To use the presets just put the files in the override folder Kotor 1. Both sides have been tested by me without any bugs , but I don't know if there may be any conflict in the long run. You can also use skins with the mod to add a beard to revan for example, no problem because it uses the PMC04 skin for the hair independently.

You are free to upload my mod to a safer server without problem , I've uploaded to 4shared although they do not know if there will be a better place.
if you want to upload it to another site or send you what, ask me.

Credits: I've included a skin of bearded pmch05 that I had downloaded on my computer. I do not remember who the author is, if it withdraws a drawback in any case all the credits are for him, why include it is because I feel this skin really good and helps to resemble more the face with the canon revan.

Cheers and continue modifying this wonderful game.

The mod:

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Link edited.

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