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my worked put down a load of crapatude on us today. Wants everyone to work 10 hour days 6 days a week until the day after the new year. Christmas and New Years day is coming out of our Paid time off hours, and we will just get straight time for the extra day during the holiday weeks.

I told them I would do everything they ask except work more then a 11 hour day, and I will not work on ONE of my TWO days off.

only 3 days, so i shouldn't get fired over it.

They are giving us the story that sales are up over 26% from last year. and they are trying to hire an additional 30 people. They have been trying to hire additional 10 people for the last 6 months and out of the 4 people they have hired only one is still working.

so come Spring on our busy part of the season we are going to doing this dance again.

Sure like to see a wage increase of 26%. instead I get my hours increased... but oh wait, the Building manager is working on the paperwork to give us all 2.5% wage increase... *sarcasm* I guess that will be okay

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