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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
I'd love for it to affect the crafting your own lightsaber quest, i.e. you could create the bits you need as soon as the quest is give Regardless good work!
I didn't do that for compatibility reasons... Bao-Dur's dialogue checks the quest status rather than whether you have the items, which makes things a bit problematic. And frankly there are plenty of mods that do that already, including my own toolbox. I can think of a couple roundabout ways of doing it, though, so I may add it in a future version, or maybe as an optional thing. Might be interesting to have a Bao-Dur go over to the workshop in a cutscene, as opposed to the awkward blank stares with bracketed dialogue he gives you currently.
Originally Posted by supreme kotor View Post
Don't get me wrong this is already a cool mod, but have you considered doing something such as adding an exclusive wepon or something of the sorts that you could only acquire there? That would make this an awesome mod.

Nice work though and a download from me.
Originally Posted by Fair Strides 2 View Post
Same here, but my laptop don't run TSL...

Also, I just got an interesting idea that's gonna nag at me now: What if we made a mod that added hilts to the random loot script and in key spots in the game? Sounds familiar, I know, but here's the catch: These are just hilts, not color crystal, so they won't function. Then you can use JCarter's mod and combine the hilt and the color crystal into an actual lightsaber...

I have thought about adding some other stuff to the new workbench GUI. Those lightsaber parts must feel rather lonely... But I have no specific plans at the moment.

Regarding loot, my intent is to modify one script... I believe it's the lightsaber quest script, the one that gives you the parts, or if you already have all the parts, a random lightsaber. I think it's a bit strange that anybody you bump into on the street just happens to have a lightsaber to hand to you as a reward, but only if you've already built one. "Oh, please help me with the Exchange!" Well, I dunno, how about you use that freaking LIGHTSABER you have there and sort it out yourself. So they'd continue to give you just lightsaber parts even after you've built one, except they would technically be different items, the ones for my workshop rather than the quest items. Although that would be a bit redundant because you can make them at the workshop yourself... so perhaps I will make that an optional thing as well; one version alters the loot script, retaining the rarity of lightsabers as well as the value of the reward (and I could be sure to set it up to not give you twelve emitter fixtures and no lens or whatever) and another version as it is now, with them added to a new workbench GUI. I'll have to think about it. Anyway, I haven't gotten around to any of that yet because the organization of scripts isn't always very... well, logical... and again, compatibility is an issue - though if it is the lightsaber quest script and not the generic loot script, I think it should be ok.

But getting back to the topic new weapons and hilts... yes, I do have some plans of that nature. I have the logistics of it worked out, anyway. But I'm dabble into modeling much, so I'd have to get permission to use some of the existing hilts and... eh... I'm very bad at putting effort into that sort of thing. Also I know VarsityPuppet is doing a mod of that nature, so I'm interested in seeing how that goes first. But since you asked, I can explain the part that I have worked out.

So, first, one thing that is a bit annoying is that hilt mods have to rely on new crystals due to the way the upgrade system is set up. "Fancy hilt with color crystal already in it that you can't take out." So I'd want to set up a system that lets you break down a "hilt" into a color crystal and a dummy hilt item, which you can then combine with any other color crystal. It wouldn't be as convenient as having a hilt slot in the upgrade GUI, but it's the best I can do.

Second, I'd have it so you can take that hilt and break it down into the three components as well. This function would vary with the particular hilt... you might be able to make some hilts at the workshop, but with others you might have to acquire the schematics first. Some hilts you could adjust to make a short or double-bladed variant, if those models exist. And some hilt schematics might require special components; for example, if you want to build a lightsaber with a hilt that looks like it's carved out of a rancor tooth, I might make you actually find a rancor tooth. Again, the requirements would depend upon the hilt in question; some schematics might have a more complicated recipe... three parts durasteel, one part adamantium, two parts kryptonite. This can all be reflected in the lightsaber's properties, because mechanically it's an entirely different item. I'd have to take a look at all the available hilts before making any decisions, though.

So, to break it down... a lightsaber would consist of a color crystal, lens fixture, emitter fixture, and lens fixture... the mechanics are all the same. However, the color crystal may be combined with a hilt fixture to create a lightsaber hilt with a fancy model created by someone other than JC. The hilt fixture's components depend on the hilt and may require special items. Five lightsaber parts in total.
Originally Posted by Lord2 View Post
I know this is for The Sith Lords only, but have you considered making one for K1 too?
Not particularly. I mean, I could... script would be very similar, workshop would be added to the Ebon Hawk in a similar manner... you may not be able to create the components at a workbench, but I could still let you break them down and rearrange them. However, I've never really felt the need for that function in the first game, due to the loot not being random. Still, the probability that I'll get around to it eventually is fairly good.

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