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Question Modelscaling and adding sabercolour in Jedi Academy

Hello to all of you,

I've got questions on both of my modding-projects concerning Jedi Academy. At first, I have to say, that I started modding two weeks ago, so my projects are relatively small, I think, but for my relations, I got quite far to realize them.

Well, my first project is a jawa mod. I know, there are thousands of jawa mods out there, but I didn't and don't want to create a recoloured jawa, but just a classic jawa (Akial), whom you can choose in the character creation menu for sp. So I did that, because I didn't find a mod like this at all. And I have to say, it really works fine. I can choose the jawa and play with him as Jaden. In the cutscenes he talks as Jaden, and in the game you can hear the typical jawa sounds. The only gimmick I've added to the character creation menu is, that in the "head"-subfolder you can choose the eye-colour for the jawa (yellow, which is normal, and also orange, red, green, blue and purple). The only problem, that I still have, is the modelscale of my jawa. My wish would be, that I can choose a right scaled jawa already in the creation menu. There the jawa model always have - as Jaden do - the scale of 100. I have to say, that I got it, that my jawa has the right modelscale in the cutscenes. I also have to mention, that I know the fact, that I'm able to change the modelscale ingame by using the "playermodel"-cheat, but I don't want to do that, if there would be another way. And that's the point, where I need help. Can anybody give me tips or help in doing that. Well, I read lots of forum-entries concerning this topic and I know, that without the source code, this option does not exist, but by now, as the source code is released, maybe there would be a way, and maybe somebody of you is able to do that and help me to fix that problem.

The second project is, that I want to add new saber colours, which I can choose in the saber creation menu in sp, just by pressing the right button. I know, that there is the RGB-mod to create your own saber colour, but my aim is, just to choose them by button. In this project, I got so far, that I've added the right button to the saber creation menu, so there you can find - next to the also added red saber - the button for a turquoise saber. But, when I'm clicking on that button, I don't get a turquoise saber, but just a blue one. I have to add, that I've included the turquoise colour in the gfx scripts, in the ext_data scripts and so on. I also created the "turquoise" glow file and line file. So I think, the files to do that mod, are existing, but there's still something wrong. I also tried to check source code scripts, but there I can't find the place, where I can add the turquoise color to "random", that I can choose it in the menu. Maybe, somebody knows a way and can give me tips, how to do that, too. If I would fix that problem and can add the turquoise color, I would also add a white and a black saber to choose just by button. Then I and you would be able to choose all the realistic and classic saber colours, which appeared in the Star Wars universe until now.

Well, at first, thanks for reading. Maybe somebody can help me. This would be great.

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