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Originally Posted by joededman View Post
I have the games installed through Steam. Steam doesn't make registry entries for the KoTOR games, however kse-3.3.3 allowed you find them manually. For the number of times I might use kse during a game this wasn't a big deal. Your new version doesn't allow you to search and just bails when it can't find the game directories. Can this be fixed? If not I guess I'll just have to dig up the info on how to add the games to the registry. Probably just keep using 3.3.3 since it was doing everything I needed.

Nice to see that you updated the editor. Hope to see some more tools from you.


Oh. Well, I checked the code and I forgot to implement a boolean check. I've updated it now. To test it, I took out my registry keys and then ran KSE, then put them back in afterwards. I've updated the link in the yellow message in the first post.

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