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Originally Posted by D.a.r.t.h View Post
Well, I would like to have new items. Especially in the first kotor game, since it seems that there are so few items and item types to find. I don't really like new force powers, since those are fine in kotor. TSL isn't a problem since it has the workbench and lab station that you can use and modify stuff. I know there's the Red Hawkes workbench mod for kotor which I tried myself a couple years ago. Maybe I should try that agian. But I don't think it adds items, does it? And I would also like to refresh the look of the game so is there any graphical overhaul mods? Like those that change the whole game. If there aren't any I can do with downloading them separately.
Both vanilla KotOR has workbenches in game, without giving you spoilers, just look a little and you could stumble one it. As for items, both games has many good and powerful items that can be bought or obtained via role play. If it's not enough, go to or and you should get some cool items.

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