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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
I think it is too early to have any thoughts. We have almost no information about this game, only one short teaser and couple of screenshots that explains nothing (with graphics on level of XWAU and strange red belts befind Tie-interceptors, lol). I afraid that gameplay there might be as primitive as in Rogue Squadron or something (forget about energy balance, more or less detailed system of damages and things like that). And of cause, no of "effect of presence" - everything is in "view from behind", right (as we everybody know it is absolutely impossible in XWA to fly with view from 3rd person)?

Then what about open configuration with toolbox, script language, possibility to make missions and campaigns? What about to model and add starships and objects? What about many of single and multiplayer regimes?

We know nothing yet. And if this game will be childish arcade for kinder gardeners like Rogue Squadron was, then it will kill our hopes on good new Star Wars flight simulator.

But anyway, let's hope on better. We maybe even contact to those guys from Area52, offering them some of ideas for free and join as beta-testers after all...

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