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Originally Posted by Law Snoll View Post
Sure, you right. But XWA also was never boring, isn't it? Even having one set of missions in line campaign we everybody once just completed it, then once more, more, and then started perfecting strategy to get highest score, get Diamond Eyes for your Calidor Crescent... it was same, right?
No, I don't think so. The "highest score" is not well defined in these games. Generally, you played as well as you could to finish the mission and then moved on. The Kalidor Crescent medals usually came pretty automatically, without having to specifically try to get them. The games did achieve something like this with TIE Fighter, though. I WOULD play those missions over and over again trying to find the strategies to get all of the secondary and bonus objectives. The problem was that, at least in some of the later missions, I think this was literally impossible. And sometimes it was possible, but actually doing it WOULD be incredibly boring. There were a couple I remember where you had to take down some huge capital ship in nothing but a TIE fighter. Even with the 4x time speedup, that took way too long. The original X-Wing could be boring in parts too; sometimes you got into cases where you had to just wait like 15 minutes for a freighter to dock with nothing else happening (luckily the 4x time speedup feature in TIE Fighter fixed this). XWA has these problems to an even greater degree in its missions, because they were buggy and obviously not tested nearly enough. We all know the game was rushed out the door too soon, and it really suffered for it.

I just talking about that there's many of games like Rogue Squadron, while XWA, that is built on very obsolete (in today's measures) game engine still remains only Star Wars simulator. Arcade and casual Star Wars flight game will be just another one "one day game" in row, while new Star Wars simulator (not just a blind copy of World of Warplanes) has all chances to became new the most long played Star Wars game, like XWA now is.
There are more arcade flight games, yes, but I don't know if there are many games as good as the Rogue Squadron games. Personally, I'd be happy with either a new Rogue Squadron game or a new X-Wing game. Though I would prefer a new X-Wing game, especially since, as you say, there's hasn't been a game like that in a long time. And arcade-like multiplayer game certainly isn't going to be played too long, since there just isn't enough there to hold people's interest for long. A game needs some complexity to have staying power in the multiplayer world. But I have the feeling it's not staying power, but easy money they are going for, unfortunately for us.
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