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Keyan Farlander, i generally agreed about first part of your reply. But also i need to tell that we must remember that those Star Wars flight simulators like X-wing and Tie-fighter both were released 20 and almost 20 years ago, when requirements to gameplay were absolutely another, market of video games was absolutely another (it was less filled, now new video games being released almost every day, but there, in first half and middle of 90s it was not like that) and game designers themselves were very limited in graphics possibilities (let's remember how BFF-1 Bulk Freighter comes to Star Wars universe, lol - it was easy to model). So they did everything to compensate graphics limitations with interesting gameplay, "effect of presence", that made you wait for something, pass long distances in flight, difficulty and complications of gameplay and things like that (while now they make video games with brain blowing graphics, but with gameplay on level of Tetris... or even lower, like Force Unleashed, for example... soap movie). From today's point of view all of it maybe looks boring and nothing more, but there, in 1993-96 it perceived differently, isn't it? But, of cause, in Star Wars: Tie-Fighter Totally Games decided to don't annoy player with long time waiting, so they added function of time compression. Anyway, everything is generally up to mission design and testing and nothing more.

Anyway, if to dream a little i think in new Star Wars flight simulator there must have some sort of balance between arcade side of the game and it's "realistic" part. I think that controls and flight model in new sim must be generally similar to XWA, because of it is ideal. Nothing to change there, it's ideal! Everything is needed is new graphics with engine that should let us to make that was impossible in XWA, for example dynamical partially destroyable models of capital starships, floating debris of starships and objects and other things like that (as i can see it will be done in Attack Squadrons). More, i think game must not be concentrated on a single character like it was in previous simulators (Farlander, Steele, Azzameen... you know these guys ), so there will be no medals, just maybe awards for completion of official campaigns maybe. In single player it's better to make it multi-campaign, where will be various heroes from various sides... many stories about many characters. It should let game designers to make a lot of DLC, it will make just giant field of work with community and many other. In multiplayer there must be many of multiplayer regimes, from common deathmatch and team against team, to various cooperative regimes and even races like it was in "training base" in XWA. Not just a blind copying of World of Warplanes.

Well, hard to explain it just in couple of words, i really think that we must to discuss about it more tight and then even maybe to offer something to Area52. Haha, i always start to dream when think about new Star Wars simulator. Sorry. Damn, if only i could to contact to those Area52! I ready tell them all my thoughts, maybe they shoud find something interesting in it. I don't need money for this, i just want to have a video game that for i will spend money with pleasure!
And arcade-like multiplayer game certainly isn't going to be played too long, since there just isn't enough there to hold people's interest for long. A game needs some complexity to have staying power in the multiplayer world.
Oh, yes, right. That's why i always barking about toolbox with mission and campaigns editor, full-scale script language, open add-on configuration, voices editor and things like that. I just remember example of Operation Flashpoint, FPS combat simulator of 2001 year. Even in 2001 it's graphics wasn't cool, everything was cubical, details of terrain was pretty low, but game become extremely popular and still being played (with 3 re-makes - Armed Assault, ArmA2 and ArmA3) exactly because of open world, full-scale toolbox and possibility to model right anything there! This must be example for developers of new Star Wars flight simulator!
But I have the feeling it's not staying power, but easy money they are going for, unfortunately for us.
Yes. If Attack Squadrons will be console childish arcade crap, then it will bury our dream about new flight simulator for many years in future.

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