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I have played all the X-wing games, even dabbled in Rogue squadron. Also i played the wing commander games. Heck, i have even played the old "Aces" series of WWI, and WWII flight combat sims

The one major complaint about the X-wing games is the ships maneuvering never had a true Yaw. It was a yaw combined with a roll. Most anyone who has played a flight combat sim has gotten used to using a roll, followed by positive pitch to turn.

Any SW based flight sim has to have these components:

1. NO FLY BY RAILS! this is not some arcade game
2. Open environment. Every good game has this now. Fallout, Skyrim. Let the players explore. Easily limit exploration by having limited range and BINGO fuel.
3. Multiplayer skirmishes, or consent based PvP.
4. Free Look without killing your Frames per second. This helps in tracking your target and being able to lead them better.

I still think any star wars flight sim should jsut try to emulate a good WWII air combat game, and they will do just fine.

But then again, the stupid console market still wants arcady games cause they are easier to play

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