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Hard to say. I hope they don't copy the EU. The trouble with the EU is that it never quite hit the mark... either they tried to just copy the movies (and always in a lamer way) or they strayed so far from the movies that they didn't really have that "feel" of Star Wars.

We need likable heroes, cool but hate-able villians, adventure, mysticism, humor... and a few references to other stuff in the canon is cool but don't go out of your way to get it wrong (as the Prequels seemed to do).

The last thing Star Wars needs is the equivalent of a Vince Russo or a Brannon Braga. Don't swerve us just to swerve us, and throw in crap to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

I hope the filmmakers think long and hard about who their audience is. Are they going for fans, non-fans, or what? You can't be all things for all people in a movie franchise as established as this.

If you just want to make generic sci fi or something else, make that, not Star Wars.

I want to be surprised. There are really no stories that have need to be told in this set. If they want to make them true sequels I guess it would be what happens after Return of the Jedi but there are lots of stories they could tell. It doesn't have to be about Han and Leia's kids, Luke starting a jedi academy and the New Republic mopping up the Imperials, fighting aliens and whatnot. But even that could be done in a different way than say, Timothy Zahn and Kevin J. Anderson (and so many others) told.

What they absolutely should not do is just rehash the story/characters of the previous films with some whizz-bang window dressing. If you're going to do that, do a remake, don't call it a "sequel trilogy."

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