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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Much respect for choosing a shadow as your first MMO Character! I've been playing MMO's since the Genesis of the internet, and Its a lot of work and effort to be a Stealth class,
Were the hell were you when I was leveling my first two character in my first MMO. (1. scoundrel sawbones, 2. shadow infiltration).

The good news, with my play style of having to kill everything I see especially elites and champions, that after leveling a sawbones solo in full healing spec, everything else has been incredibly easy. Betting that will be the case for you too Darth Avlectus.

Now that I understand MMOs better, I level dps. My Operative I leveled Concealment and switched to Medicine once I hit 50. 2nd Consular I'm leveling Balanced and will switch to Seer at 55 (or later, after I finish Makeb and all those mobs).

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