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Merry Syphilis and a Happy Gonorrhea!

So, I have joined the club of a-holes who have had to fire people right before Christmas. Technically I don't have the authority to fire anyone, but right now I'm the "acting" managing clinical director dentist in my office. Our regular office manager has been out sick all month, so I and the acting office manager both had to fire our hygienist who has been with the company for years over something that still makes me wonder how bad it was. I try to take solace in the fact that it was not my decision but I was just the messenger, but that doesn't help much.

When she figured out where the conversation was going and said, "You're firing me??" that's when it all hit the fan. Her hands and voice were shaking and she was in denial, then she was bargaining, then she was bawling her eyes out. And this all happened on the last effing day of work before Christmas. Feel horrible for her; feel like a total jerk.

In other news, ummmm... Did I mention I have five daughters? Work and kids, that's my life.
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