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I wanted to play this game, but it's really difficult to make it work.

First of all, I'm using Win 7 64x bit, and a laptop, and i dont have a joystic. I heard, that with the laptop is even more difficult, mostly because of some drivers issues with a joystic emulator.

Ok, some details...

Mouting the 1st disc - The X-wing

1. Run the "setup.exe".... nothing happens

2. Run the "xwingtie.exe", autorun pop-up, i click to Install, it says i have problems with the disc in the device... It cant recognise it, or simply see it.

"The X-wing setup program was unable to launch. Please make sure the CD is in the CD-ROM drive or try running SETUP.EXE directly from the InstX95 folder on the CD-ROM"

I have nothing to do, i try the last one

3. Run the "Z_XVT_.EXE", first i watch the cutscenes, space battle. Next, i see the window which says, that my jostic is not attached. True. I dont have the jostic at the moment.

Ok, i download the joystic emulator. Very wierd one, i must say, it forced me somehow to restart the system in the "test mode".

I tried the "Z_XVT_.EXE", once more - and it's working. But... i had some serious graphic issues. Everything was glimmered [sorry for the language, i'm not the native speaker], i guess, i had some video driver problems. Since i couldnt see anything positively, i "blindly" type-in my name, create an entry, then i tried to launch a game, but i never managed to. I simply couldnt find the proper button...

But, I believe there must be more civilized approach...

I'm not really experienced in these virtual pc things, and i do believe, this is the only way to launch this game. Afterall, i remember, it was working fine in these days, back in the 1990s.

Anyway, is that possibly? I mean, with my configuration (win7 64x bit, laptop, no joystic) to run this game? If yes, i would be glad to hear any instructions.
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