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The Crystal Of Life "Completed"

I hope this is okay but I wanted to post my story in it's completed form chapter after chapter without comments in between the chapters. I wish to have a place to link to so that I may share it with friends. I know the story is over 6 years old. my apologies if I am breaking some kind of rule.

The Crystal of life.
A Star Wars Fan Fiction by Joshua Goshorn.

Chapter I

Jor-el Kenobi was fighting for his life! In the midst of a fierce battle against 3 sith assassins, he was out numbered and out skilled. Having just completed his Padawan training he was not ready for this. *Whoosh* as he ducked a Sith saber slashing for his head. Blocking the Sith’s attacks with his blue lightsaber and backpedaling, Jor-el did not know how he was going to win this battle. “How am I going to get out of this?” He thought.

Jor-el was a Jedi Guardian fighting alongside his fellow Jedi brothers and sisters in a battle to save Dantooine from certain destruction. It had been 1,000 years since the exile had destroyed what was thought to have been the last of the Sith. But recently they had re-appeared out of nowhere. The Jedi Council was once again all but lost. The Sith had destroyed more than 15 planets in the last Year since they appeared. And every time the battle was quick and decisive. It was clear that the Sith were being led by someone wise and powerful, as neither the Jedi nor the worlds stood any chance at all in the recent attacks. The new Republic that Admiral Carth Onasi, and Jedi Master Bastila Shan had helped to rebuild and led to peace, was now crumbling and on the verge of being eradicated from the universe. All that remained of the Jedi and the republic fleet were here at Dantooine making one final stand against the enemy.

Now backed up against the edge of a cliff, Jor-el was running out of options. He used the force to leap high into the air and on the way over his attackers he managed to lop one of the assassin’s head off. The body went limp and fell to the ground. This only fueled the other two’s anger and rage even more. They started swinging furiously at Jor-el. It was all that he could do, just to hold onto his lightsaber. As every time he blocked an attack the force with which their sabers hit his nearly knocked the weapon out of his hand. Then the worst thing imaginable happened. Jor-el tripped on a small rock that caught the back of his heel. Down to the ground he went with a recurring thud. Just as the Sith were raising their Sabers to deal the final blow of this battle, Jor-el had a premonition from the force. And looking up and stretching out with all his power he froze the controls and changed the direction of a Sith bomber that was flying very low to the ground. Jor-el leaped to his feet and blocked the flashes of red that flew at his head and feet. He then used the force to jump as far away as he could. At that moment the Sith ship came crashing down on his attackers crushing them and exploding into a ball of fire! Then the most intense pain that Jor-el could have ever imagined went shooting through his body, and looking down he saw a red lightsaber sticking through his chest. He slowly faded to black from the shock and fell to the ground.

Suddenly… Jor-el awoke from his sleep. He had been saved in that battle 5 years ago by his master Troas Hormal. Since then he drifted here and there in space. Never could he escape this dream, Jor-el was scarred by the war that had ended in the defeat of the Jedi, and the destruction of the Republic and Dantooine. He was on his ship, the Ethon Star. Not knowing where he was going, and not caring. All he wanted was to so badly escape the things from his past. With no human companionship, and the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy, Jor-el had no reason to live anymore. He was searching, for answers, for meaning and purpose, but all he ever found was emptiness and pain. His only companion was his droid, T-4 632, a little astromech droid.

“Beep booop dreeett.”

"What’s that T-4? The ships sensors are picking up an energy disturbance ahead?"

“Beep beep wooooo.”

"Okay then let’s get to the cockpit and see what we are dealing with."

Ahead lay a ribbon of light so bright that it nearly blinded Jor-el when he looked at it. It was bright blue in the middle, with white and silver lining the edges. It waved back and forth as a flag would in the wind. Beautiful and blinding, Jor-el was entranced by the ribbon of light. Then, without warning! The ribbon moved towards the Ethon star at a blinding speed. Before Jor-el could do anything it enveloped his ship. As he stood there, watching the rays of light come through the walls of his ship, he felt warm, powerful, and a renewed sense of purpose. Then as the rays of light touched him, he fell to the ground unconscious.

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