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Chapter II

Jor-el awoke, bewildered and hungry. Looking around he noticed T-4 beside him. “How long have I been out T-4?”

“Beep beep droot dwoo.”

“28 hours? That’s not possible. You must have made a mistake in your calculations. I am going to go check the ship computer and see for myself.”

He stood to his feet and walked a few steps to his right. Since he had collapsed on the bridge he wasn’t far from the computer. “Sure enough T-4, looks like you were right. I wonder how I could have been out for so long. And what were those rays of light all about?”

“Beep droot beep.”

“No T-4, I don’t think they were a threat to us. Otherwise I don’t think you and I would be having this conversation”

“Beep beep!”

“Yes T-4, I am alright. T-4 check our position, I want to know where we are. Also I don’t see the ribbon anymore, let’s get this ship turned around and see if it is behind us”

“Droot droot, Beep beep dwoo.”

Having turned the ship around Jor-el could not see the ribbon. “T-4 I need you to calculate how far we have drifted since we encountered the ribbon, then plot a reverse course over our traveled path in the last 28 hours. I want to find out what that was. Notify me when we are getting close to our last position.”

“Beep beep.”

Jor-el went to his compartment to meditate on what had happened to him. As he sat down and began, he noticed that he felt renewed, stronger and full of life. In fact he couldn’t remember the last time that he felt so good. After an hour of meditation he decided to rest on his bunk. For his body was aching from being passed out on the metal floor of his ship for so long. As he lay down, he felt at peace, so much at peace that he drifted off into a deep sleep.


The alarming tone of T-4’s communication had startled Jor-el. He sat up so fast that he whacked his head on the bunk above his own. “Ouch!” As he made his way to the bridge where T-4 was, Jor-el had a revelation. He realized that he did not have his nightmare for the first time since he could remember. Ever since the war he had not been able to sleep once without recalling the horrible events that marked his soul forever. As he reached the bridge he saw the light ribbon dead ahead. “Stop our engines T-4 let’s hold our position here for a while. I want to study this thing from a distance. I don’t want to get close enough for it to knock me out again.”

“Droot beep.”

“No T-4 I have never seen anything like it in my life. Use the ships computer to get some readings on it. Let me know what you find out.” T-4 beeped in acknowledgement. As Jor-el stood there studying the ribbon and reaching out with his feelings through the force, he noticed something very familiar coming from within the ribbon itself. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it beckoned to him. He was drawn to it and once again he began to fall off into a trance. He awoke when he heard…

“Beep beep droot beep!”

“You have the readings T-4? Good. Wait a second this can’t be right. Are you sure these readings are correct?”

“Woooo beep beep.”

“So you are telling me that this ribbon is made out of Midichlorians? I just don’t see how that is possible. Where is it coming from? It stretches as far as my eyes can see.”

“Beep beep.”

“What do you mean it stretches beyond our scanning capabilities? Our scanners can scan an entire quadrant, and then some.”


“Alright then, if these readings are correct. And I seem to think they are because now I realize that it is the force I am feeling coming from inside the ribbon, then we need to get some fuel and supplies because I want to get to the bottom of this thing. We need to find out where it is originating from and what is causing it.” Jor-el paused, “T-4 what is the nearest planet that has the least Sith military presence on it?”

“Droot dreet.”

“Okay then, Tatooine it is. I’ll set a course we should be there inside of 2 hours.”

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