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Chapter III

Space rippled as the Ethon star exited hyper space. There in front of Jor-el and his loyal droid sat Tattooine. “Sensors show there are no Sith ships in the quadrant T-4. That’s good news for us. I’m going to set us down just outside of Mos Dreeska space port so as not to attract any attention to ourselves.” Jor-el landed the ship in a remote area outside the spaceport. He set the ship down in between two huge rocks. They partially hid the ship from certain angles. He walked to the back of the ship and lowered the loading ramp. Immediately the wind whipped sand into his face. The hot arid air of the planet was nearly suffocating after being in space for the last few months. “You stay here with the ship T-4. If anything happens contact me on my personal communicator. I will be back within 12 hours if all goes well.”

“Droo.” T-4 beeped in reply.

Jor-el set out on his trek through the desert towards the spaceport. He figured it would take about an hour or so to get there on foot, so he paced himself so as not to get dehydrated in the incredulous heat. As he walked his mind wandered and his thoughts focused solely on the ribbon of light. It was consuming his every emotion and very being. The more he thought about it the more he felt just like he had right before it touched him when he was rendered unconscious. Strange how even just the thought of the ribbon seemed to empower him, make him feel alive again. About an hour or so later Jor-el came to Mos Dreeska. It was a beautiful city, teeming with life. The sounds of ships and speeders could be heard overhead was a welcome change from the quietness of space. He entered into the city looking for a cantina so he could quench his thirst. After about 5 minutes of searching he found a small tavern. He was so thirsty it seemed as if it was beckoning for him to come inside. He entered and there behind the bar was a serving droid.
“Greetings sir my name is B3-3O, how may I be of assistance to you?”

“I’ll have some water followed by a shot of Juma juice.”

“As you wish sir, here are your drinks.”

“Excuse me B3-3O, but could you tell me where I might find a food supply shop and perhaps a junkyard where I could get some new power cells for my Hyper-drive?”

“Sir there is a food supply store not more than 200 yards east of here. And the junkyard will be out on the western side of town. It is a very big place you won’t be able to miss it.”

“Thank you.” Jor-el replied.

Having finished his drinks Jor-el left the cantina and headed for the supply shop. As he found the shop and entered he was greeted by a rather large fellow. A man that stood about 7 feet tall and probably weighed 350 pounds. Jor-el guessed he was in his late 30's as there was some gray coming through in the gentleman’s hair.

“Hey there mate, how may I be of service to ya today?”

“I’m looking for supplies, food, water, and a fair deal. I need enough to last me for at least 6 months.” Jor-el replied.

“6 months you say? Are you planning on moving to a different galaxy?” The shopkeeper asked with a joking tone of voice.

“Something like that, can you give me an estimate on the cost? Also I will need a Bantha to load the stuff on. I need to get it all back to my ship by tonight.”

“I would say, around 2,000 credits ought to do it mate. If that’s a fair deal then I will have my droids gather your supplies and load them on to a Bantha.”

Jor-el noticed a young girl peering out at him from the curtain behind the shopkeeper.

“Is that young lady your daughter? She is quite attractive.”

The shopkeeper looked over his shoulder. “That little thing is my slave. I won her in a game of Pazaak a couple of months ago.”

“I see, well I have to stop by the junkyard. I will stop back by in an hour or so for my supplies. Do you think they will be ready to go by then?”

“I think they will be ready to go mate. See you in an hour.”

With that Jor-el exited the shop and headed west in search of the junkyard. He found it after a brisk 20 minute walk. After picking up the necessary parts and power cells that he needed, he departed back to the supply shop.

“Ay mate, your supplies are ready to go.”

“Great here is 2,000 credits. Thanks for everything sir.”

Jor-el took the reins of the Bantha and began his long walk back to his ship. He got back sooner than he thought he would. But it was now nightfall, so he had to hurry and unload his supplies. 45 minutes later he called out to his droid. “T-4 fire up the engines and get ready to take off. Set a course back to where we encountered the ribbon. I should be done unloading in about 5 minutes.”

“Beep twee boop.” The little droid replied.

10 minutes later there was a mighty blast from the ships engines as the Ethon star blasted away from the planet’s surface. Deep into space now, Jor-el was unsettled. He sensed something, or someone on the ship. “T-4 you have the controls.” He then focused his thoughts and allowed the force to lead him to where the disturbance was coming from. It led him to a compartment in the back of the ship, near the cargo hold. “Hey! What are you doing on my ship? Aren’t you the girl I saw in the supply shop?”

“Please don’t hurt me. I have been a slave of that man’s for 5 months now. I have been waiting for the chance to escape! When I heard you imply that you were going far away, I hid myself under the supply tarp on your Bantha.” The young lady shrank back into the corner. “Please don’t send me back! I can never go back.”

“I have a good mind to turn this ship around right now. Are you even old enough to be making this kind of decision?”

The young lady stood up straight. “I am 18 thank you. And yes I can make this decision. I only ask that I find favor in your sight. Please let me come with you to wherever it is that you are going.”

“Well what about your slaver chip? Won’t it explode or something when he finds out you are gone?”

“No, he never had one implanted into me. He didn’t have the money yet. It was supposed to be done tomorrow. That is why I hid away and came with you. If I had waited until tomorrow then I could have never left.”

Jor-el felt a tugging from the force. As if it was telling him that good would come of this and it would be ok.

“Fine, fine, you can stay. What is your name?”

The young lady bowed to introduce herself. “My name is Linduu Onasi.”

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