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Chapter IV

“Linduu Onasi? As in Onasi? Like, Carth Onasi?”

“Yes I am related to Carth. As far as I know I am the last Onasi alive. Sadly my family has been ravaged by the war, as have all families. Why do you think I was a slave to that man? Do you think that if any of my family, especially the Onasis were alive that I would have been where you found me?”

Jor-el thought for a moment. “Well no, now that you mention it. It makes sense I suppose. But wow! Onasi! I can’t believe it. According to the stories Admiral Onasi was a wise and powerful leader. If you are anything like your ancestor then you may yet prove to be useful.”

“So what is your name? If you know mine then it is only fair for me to know yours as well.”

“My name is Jor-el Kenobi.” Jor-el bowed in respect.

“Are you a Jedi? By the robes you are wearing and the lightsaber resting at your side it would be kind of hard for me to believe otherwise.”

“Yes I am a Jedi.”

“Ok cool, so how old are you?”

“What? Why does it matter to you?”

Linduu raised her hands in the air. “I’m just curious, no harm meant. I mean, you are kind of cute and all, I was just wondering.”

“What! I can’t believe this I am being hit on by an 18 year old.”

“Hey it was just a question.”

“Fine, I am 25 if you must know.”

During the 30 hour journey back to the ribbon’s location Jor-el and Linduu talked about many more things. Jor-el came to realize that she was a very intelligent and witty young lady. She stood about 5'5, but of course Jor-el being 6'1 he had to look down on her. She indeed was the last of the Onasi Lineage. Her Father, John Onasi, was a captain in the Republic army. He was killed in one of the earlier attacks on the republic when the Sith had first appeared, before the attack on Dantooine. She and her mother were captured by the Sith. They tortured her mother for information and in the process killed her. Linduu was sold to some Hutt slavers on Tatooine where Jor-el found her. Linduu also came to realize that Jor-el was a lonely man and that he had great pain inside, and was trying to hide from his fears rather than confront them.
Jor-el filled her in on where they were going and what had happened to him with the ribbon of light.

“Beep beep.” Came the sound of T-4's voice over the ship’s comm. He was announcing that they were coming up on the last location of the ribbon.

“Very well T-4, get us to within visual range, we shall proceed from there.”

“Beep beep tooo.”

“Alright T-4 says we can see the ribbon now, let’s go take a look and see what we’ve got”

They left Jor-el’s compartment where they had been sitting and talking.

Linduu looked outside the window from the cockpit. “Stars of Naboo it’s beautiful! I have never seen anything like it.”

“Truly it is like nothing I have ever come across in my travels across the galaxy. I can feel the force within the ribbon. It is strong, and it beckons for me to come closer.” Jor-el said with a hypnotic look in his eyes.

At that moment the ribbon began to move away from them. Almost like a cable being retracted by a winch.

“T-4, Follow that ribbon! I don’t want to lose it. We must find out where it is coming from.”
“Beep twoo.”

After a few minutes of chasing the ribbon, something unexpected began to happen.

“Is that what I think it is?” Linduu asked.

“I can’t believe it! That is not possible” Jor-el stated.

Space had begun to ripple around the ribbon. It was almost as if it had hyper-drive engines and was beginning to activate them. After a few more seconds a wormhole formed around the light and it began to enter through it and disappear.
In a spilt second Jor-el had to make a decision. And he didn’t hesitate one bit.

“T-4 engines to full speed! Follow that ribbon inside of that thing!”

The Ethon star blasted forward with a mighty force! The ribbon was completely through now and had disappeared from their sight. The vortex was closing and they were so close. The Ethon star and her passengers made it inside of the wormhole right before it closed. *Whooossshhhh!* The ship was being hurtled through space at speeds that Jor-el had never thought possible. Even the inertial dampeners weren’t enough to compensate for the G-force that was pounding the ship. Jor-el and his companions were pinned against the back wall of the cockpit and could not move.

“Beep beep beep!” T-4 squealed.

“What did he say?” Linduu asked Jor-el.

“He said that the ship can’t take this much longer. The hull is about to collapse. I hope this ride ends within 20 seconds, otherwise we are going to be Bantha fodder!”

Sure enough the Ethon star exited the vortex and was now resting in front of a dark and mysterious planet. The Ribbon of light was here as well, and it was leading down to the planet’s surface.
Linduu felt a bit tipsy on her feet. “Whoa, what happened?”

“I don’t know, I guess we must have blacked out. T-4, are you okay?”


“T-4 I need to know where we are. And I needed to know yesterday!”

The droid went over to the ship’s navigational computer and began searching the galaxy map.

“Beep beep drooo.”

“What do you mean we aren’t in known space? You’re telling me you don’t know where we are? Well this can’t be good.”

Linduu sat down in one of the piloting chairs. “So what do we do now?”

“Well it looks like the ribbon is leading down to the planet’s surface. I started this journey to find out where it was coming from, now it looks like I have my answer. Hold on I am going to scan the planet for life signs. T-4 is there any Sith presence in the area, ships to be more specific?”

“Beep beep.”

“No ships? Good. Wow! I can’t believe this, there are life signs on this planet and they are off the charts! I have never seen so many before. Especially on a planet that looks as dark and un-inhabitable as this one. Well, down we go. Let’s get to the bottom of this.”

As the Ethon star began its descent, the ribbon stayed just out of their reach. As if it was leading them to a certain point on the planet. They followed it and were soon landing in a murky and foggy marsh.

“Here Linduu, you will need this” Said Jor-el as he handed her a blaster pistol.

“Don’t worry I know how to use one should I have to.” Linduu said.

“Alright then let’s go. T-4 you stay here and let me know if anything or anyone comes near the ship.”

“Beep twooo.”

With that they walked to the back of the ship and lowered the loading ramp. They exited the ship slowly, looking about and studying the area. They looked up and saw the ribbon of light overhead. It seemed to be the only thing that was providing light, as the planet’s atmosphere was like a coat of fog. Not allowing any sunlight or moonlight to get through. The Ribbon seemed to be touching the ground about 2 miles or so ahead of them. They began to follow it and after 10 minutes of walking Jor-el noticed something very strange.

“This isn’t right.”

“What? What’s wrong Jor-el?”

“The life signs on this planet were overwhelming. But I haven’t seen one living thing. Not one person, animal, or even bug. I've got a bad feeling about this.”

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