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Chapter V

The more they walked towards where the light was touching the ground, the more desolate the planet seemed. The planet was mostly dirt and grass, with no mountains or hills in sight.

“There!” Jor-el said as he pointed. “The ribbon appears to be touching the ground right over there.”

As they came to the resting place of the light, even more surprises awaited them. There at the place where they thought the journey would end, was a hole in the ground that seemed to extend into a cave.

“Well it looks as if our little walk isn’t over yet. It looks like the light keeps on going down into this hole.” Jor-el said.

“Well it doesn’t look that deep. And the ribbon is lighting our way well enough. So I say in we go.” Linduu replied.

“I think you’re right. Just let me check in with T-4 real quick.” Jor-el pulled out his personal communicator from his pouch of goodies.

“T-4 we are going to be going underground for a little bit. Are you going to be ok?”

“Beep droot.”

“Okay then. I don’t know how deep this cave goes. The density of the ground might begin to interfere with our signal. If we aren’t back within 4 hours then take the ship just out of orbit and trigger the self-destruct mechanism. I don’t want anyone else getting hold of our Navicomputer and finding this place if it turns out to be anything special. Besides if this planet is unknown to the Sith, then it could prove to be a good sanctuary for people like us who don’t want to be found. That is of course, if we could find our way back to where we came from.”

“Beep beep.” T-4 replied.

“Alright then, in we go.”

They slowly lowered themselves into the cave entrance. Once In the hole they could see the ribbon of light flowing down a passageway. The cave itself was made of a blue tinted rock that neither of them had ever seen before. It was just tall and wide enough to walk inside single file. They slowly made their way deeper and deeper inside of the cave. Just as before when they were in orbit, the light stayed just ahead of them, never within arm's reach.

“This may sound strange, but being this close to the light is making me feel different. Kind of warm, and fuzzy inside. Also I feel like I am getting stronger.” Linduu whispered.

“That’s odd. You must be a force sensitive. A wonder I did not sense it in you on the ship. But then I haven’t exactly been on top of my game for a while now.” Jor-el replied.

Linduu put her finger up to her lips. “Shhhh... there up ahead. It looks like the cave opens up into a bigger room.”

Sure enough, not 20 yards ahead was a giant cavern, the size of a republic flagship. In the dead center of the room was a large crystal formation. It was dark, with colors of blue, violet, pink and white. Then without warning the light vanished into thin air. They were now standing in complete darkness.

“Welcome Jor-el Kenobi. Welcome Linduu Onasi. We are glad you could finally join us.”

“What? Who said that? Who’s there?” Jor-el asked.

Suddenly, before their eyes, the formation of crystals lit up as if a Star had just gone super-nova.
The light was so bright, yet so beautiful. Casting all the different colors of the crystals onto the cavern walls, and ceiling.

“We did. We are the ones who led you here.”

“Well if I didn’t know any better I would say that the crystals were talking to us” Jor-el said half laughingly in fear.

“You’re not imagining things. I hear the voice as well.” Linduu replied.

“It is not the crystal who speaks. But it is us who presently inhabit this crystal formation that speak.”

“And who might ‘us’ be?” Jor-el asked as he drew closer to the crystals.

“We are the Midichlorians, the very essence of the force.”

“If you are who you say you are. Then why have you never spoken to me or anyone for that matter, before? Why haven’t I heard your voice in my head when I meditate?” Jor-el asked with a hint of disbelief in his voice.

The crystals glowed even brighter. “These are special crystals that can handle our form of life, and allow us to speak audibly. These are the only ones left in existence. Only on this planet will you find them, and be able to speak to us.”

“Why only on this planet? Surely there must be other planets with these crystals.” Linduu asked.

“Once upon a time there were. But the Sith, the first ones who betrayed their masters. They found out the secret of these crystals. And they destroyed any world that they found them on. They were trying to silence us, they were afraid of us.”

“Afraid of you, what do you mean?” Jor-el asked.

“When they fell to what you call the dark side, they discovered us. And they didn’t like what we had to say. See, we don’t like being used for self-gain. We don’t like to harm other life organisms. But as we form a symbiotic relationship with what you call force a sensitive, we have no control over what those who use us do. Since then we have been forced to kill, murder, and suffocate people to death. Being forced to morph into lightning and fry someone to death is not pleasant. We began to voice our disagreements with them. And since they knew that we contained secrets that could lead to their defeat, they went on a path of destruction, eradicating the crystals wherever they found them.”

“Okay, you said you led us here? Why?” Linduu asked.

“We need your help. You are the last of the force sensitives in the galaxy that have a pure heart. We need your help if we are ever going to be free of these evil beings who manipulate us.”

Linduu’s jaw dropped in amazement. “Whoa? When you said last in the galaxy, did you mean me as well?”

“Yes, you have a very strong bond with us, even though you don’t know it yet.”

“Yeah, yeah, excuse me again, but pure heart? I don’t think so. If I ever got the chance, I would do horrible things to the people who killed my parents.” Linduu replied.

“It is true that you hold feelings of revenge and hatred for your parent’s murderers. But underneath all of that, you have a pure heart. We can feel it.”

“I as well think you’ve got the wrong man.” Jor-el said. “I don’t think I have it in me to do what you would ask of me. Besides, we wouldn’t even know where to start looking for the leaders of the Sith, let alone get through their army. And then there would be the matter of defeating them. Something of an impossible task don’t you think?”

“What you say is partially true. It would be difficult, and you might even fail. But we have training for you, secrets of the force that would aid you greatly. Knowledge that only we possess, that can defeat the Sith.”

“That’s all well and good. But During the war we never stood a chance. The Sith lord leading them was wise and powerful. We didn't even know who he was.” Jor-el objected.

“We know who he is, and where he is. After all it is through us that he has any power at all. Even as we speak he is using us to kill a helpless girl, not even 9 years old yet. He is truly a monster. Long ago he discovered a secret. He learned how to use us to keep himself alive, forever, if he so chooses. He has forced us to do his evil bidding for far too long. He did not always have an evil heart mind you. Once he was a wise and powerful Jedi master. One who fought alongside Revan to defeat Malak and the Sith of that age. But after the war was over, it left a terrible scar on his heart. Eventually he followed the path that Revan and Malak originally went down. His heart turned evil, or went to the dark side, as you would say.”

“If what you say is true, then this Sith lord has to be well over 1,000 years old.”

“Wow, I don’t want to get anywhere near this Sith. Talk about smelling old, eww.” Linduu stated as she pinched her nose shut with her fingers.

“Please, I’m curious, what is his name?” Jor-el asked.

“His name is.............................”

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