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Chapter VI

“His name is Lord Vandar. But from the stories that you have probably heard, you would know him as Master Vandar.”

Jor-el’s jaw dropped in amazement, perhaps even shock.

“What? Why do you look so shocked cutie?” Linduu asked as she glanced over at Jor-el with a smile.

“You mean besides the fact that Vandar has happened to live for over a 1,000 years?” Jor-el quipped sarcastically.

“Very funny, you know what I meant. Now tell me, who is this Vandar person?”

“Well from what I read in the Jedi archives when I was a youngling, Master Vandar was a very wise and powerful Jedi. And also from my readings he had the purest heart you could find in anyone.”

“This is true. Vandar had a pure heart, more pure than a mother’s love for her child.” The Midichlorians replied.

“Then are you sure it is him? I just can’t believe he would turn to the dark side. In the archives it was said that after the war he returned to his home world for some peace and quiet. After that there is no mention of him in the records.”

“Make no mistake, it is him. Now please, it is vital that we begin your training now. Vandar has sensed your presence through us. We can shield your location from him for a time, but eventually he will find you. If you are to stand any chance at all in the face of his evil, we must begin immediately.”

Jor-el looked down at the ground. “Why do I care if he kills me or not, I have been longing to die ever since that day on Dantooine. I have nothing left to live for.”

“How can you say something like that? How can you want to die? I certainly don’t want to die. And I can’t think of any sane person that would want to either.” Linduu replied.

“If anything, you must do this for everyone else who still holds onto hope. You are that hope. You, Jor-el Kenobi, are the last Jedi alive in the universe.” The Midichlorians said.

“Well what about Linduu here? You said that she is a force sensitive right?”

Linduu shot a look of disbelief at Jor-el. “Hey! I can’t stand alone before a Sith lord and his army. And the fact that you would let me go alone really brings you down a notch in my respect meter.”

“While it is true that Linduu has a strong connection to us, we can only develop her abilities to control and hear us. You however, are the only one who can teach her the art of the lightsaber.”

“Oh yeah, and why is that?”

“Do you see any hands or feet protruding from this crystal? No, we didn’t think so. Hands are required to hold a lightsaber we think.”

“Okay, okay, you’ve all made your point. Give me a day to think it over alright? Grant me that much at least.” Jor-el replied.

“You have one day, we only ask that you make the right decision. Not only for yourself, but for the universe as well.”

“Let us depart then. Come on Linduu, let’s head back to the ship. It’s been almost 3 hours and I don’t want to get back too late and find out that T-4 has blasted off and obliterated my ship.”

So they began their walk back to the Ethon star. As they walked through the winding cave Jor-el couldn’t help but feel like a Genosian electro staff had just hit him in the gut. He felt sick to his stomach and torn in two. Part of him wanted to forget about all of this and continue to run and hide. But another part of him wanted to do the right thing and accept the Midichlorian’s training so that he could stand up to the Dark lord Vandar. That and part of him always wanted to find out who it was that had gotten the best of him that day on Dantooine. Whoever it was that stabbed that saber through his chest, well, let’s just say Jor-el wanted a one on one meeting.

They were back at the cave entrance now wondering how they were going to get up out of the hole. “Here, I’ll give you a lift, I can get out on my own after that.” Jor-el lifted Linduu’s feet up to his shoulders. She grabbed the ledge above and pulled herself out. Then with relative ease Jor-el force jumped up and out of the hole.

“Wow that was pretty impressive, could I learn to do things like that?” Linduu asked.

“Shhh… quiet. Something’s not right I feel a disturbance in the force. Quickly now, be on your guard and let’s make our way back to the ship double time.” Jor-el said as he took off towards the ship.

Jor-el used the force to light their path. And as they began to run a sinking, dark feeling started to fall over Jor-el. It seemed the closer to the ship they got, the more powerful this feeling became. 10 minutes later now, Linduu was even beginning to feel the disturbance. Chills were running up and down her back as if someone had poured ice water on it. Fear began to overwhelm them both.

“There I can see the ship, quickly I feel like we are being cha…..”

Jor-el was cut off in mid-sentence. There in between them and the ship stood the Dark lord of the Sith, Vandar. His blood red saber was casting a menacing glow on his evil face. Without hesitation Vandar stretched forth his free hand and lifted Linduu into the air. All she could do was scream in horror as Vandar flung her up and over his head and onto the top of the Ethon star knocking her unconscious. The sound of her head hitting the metal of the ship was deafening to Jor-el as all he could do was watch the power of Vandar being exhibited.

As soon as the Sith lord turned back towards him, Jor-el pulled the lightsaber from his hip and ignited a beam of lightning blue that illuminated the surrounding area. Not 2 seconds after he raised it into a defensive position, Vandar used the force to pull it from his hand and into his own. “Saber count for me 0, saber count for Vandar 2. This doesn’t bode well for me” Thought Jor-el to himself. Vandar was now standing there with a diabolical smirk on his face, and with blinding speed he jumped up and over Jor-el, landing behind him. As soon as Jor-el turned to face Vandar he was knocked down to the ground by an overpowering force push. Now Vandar was raising the blue and red sabers above his head, ready to strike down and kill Jor-el at any moment.

“This is it” Jor-el said to himself. “This is how it ends, this is how I die.”
Jor-el stared up helplessly at the Dark lord as flashes of blue and red came crashing down at his neck.

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