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Chapter VIII

5 months passed by as quickly as a swoop bike on Taris. Jor-el and Linduu had trained hard and vigorously with open minds and willing hearts. The wisdom they gained was invaluable. The power they gained was nearly unstoppable. And the bond they forged was untouchable. Quite fond of each other they had grown, much closer than either of them had thought possible. Through all the joking, training, and mutual goals they found that they had very much in common. In fact, Jor-el was beginning to think that he was falling in love with her. He struggled with the fact that the Jedi code forbade any such attachments. But more often than not he just kept telling himself that he was the last Jedi, that there was no more council to tell him what to, and what not to do. Much to his surprise Linduu had often shown signs of feeling the same way throughout the 5 month period. What road this would lead them down, and to what end it would bring them, Jor-el did not know. All he knew was that he felt more than ready for the task that lay before them. Linduu had proven to be a quick study of the force, but perhaps that was because the force itself was teaching her. The art of the lightsaber she picked up very easily as well, in fact she more than rivaled Jor-el’s skill level with the powerful tool.

“The time of your training nears an end. Soon you must depart and confront your fears, your enemies.”

“And it’s a good thing too. We are almost out of food. If it wasn’t for the fact that you had helped to sustain us so that we didn’t have to eat as much, then we would have run out 2 months ago.” Jor-el stated.

“Yeah, I have to admit though, I can’t wait to get to a cantina and indulge myself to a full meal.” Linduu replied.

“Yeah you could use it.”

“Hey what are you trying to say?”

“Just that you have been pretty cranky lately” Jor-el said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

“Very funny, I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.” Linduu quipped sarcastically.

“Then the time has come. One more duel with your lightsabers, and one more demonstration of a new power of your choosing. After that your training will be complete.”

Before Jor-el had gone into hiding and began his endless drifting from planet to planet, he had stocked up on all the necessary parts needed for constructing a lightsaber. He had quite the surplus. He never wanted to be caught without a part, in the event that something on his own saber broke. He had carefully taught Linduu how to construct her own. He told her that it had to match her personality. It had to reflect her perfectly. With that advice Linduu chose a pink focusing crystal from the cave. She constructed a double-bladed saber, that when ignited, reminded you of the sunsets on Tatooine. The inner part of the blade was pink, and the outer part seemed to glow with a golden lining. Jor-el also had decided that his saber no longer reflected his own personality. So he chose a silver crystal from the cave. Once the change was completed he ignited it, and what followed was a blade of radiant light. It was so beautiful and so powerful in nature, it shimmered like the waters of Naboo, and radiated like the moon of Kashyyyk.

“Are you ready to begin your duel?”

“Yes we are”

Linduu glanced over at Jor-el. “Yes he is ready to get his butt kicked again.”

“Very well then begin.”

With that Jor-el ignited his lightsaber, his style being more of a defensive approach, he waited for Linduu to make the first move. She activated one end of her saber and force jumped straight at Jor-el. He easily knocked her attempt to the side and countered with a lunge of his own. Linduu blocked his attempt and they would continue to duel for 20 minutes straight. Jor-el was beginning to show signs that he was out of breath, and with that Linduu used the force to jump onto a ledge above him.

“What are you doing up there my friend?”

“Are you ready to lose now?” Linduu asked.

“Come on now, you can’t be serious can you?”

With that she ignited the 2nd blade on her weapon.

“Alright I guess maybe you are that serious.”

Linduu leaped off of the ledge with one end of her saberstaff pointed down at Jor-el’s head. He blocked it only to have the other end of her weapon come flying at him with even more speed. Sidestepping the attack he slashed for her throat, she ducked it and began a flurry of attacks. Spinning her blades in a vertical circular motion, it looked like a giant wheel of laser fire was coming straight at Jor-el. He chose his moment carefully, “wait, wait, now!” he thrust his blade into her frenzied attack and stopped the spinning blades. They stepped apart, then back towards one another again. Their blades met high above their heads, then again at their knees. Linduu decided it was time to use one of her new force techniques, she deactivated her saber, and with that she cloaked herself using the Midichlorians. Jor-el no longer able to see her focused his thoughts and stretched out with his feelings. Moment after moment passed, and she still had not made her move. Suddenly Jor-el sensed her right behind him and with blinding speed used the force to jump up and back flip behind where he sensed her. He lunged forward with his blade and then brought it back towards himself, stopping it exactly 13 inches in front of his own chest. Linduu made herself visible again, Jor-el’s blade was resting right up against her throat, only centimeters away from touching it.

“You still have a little more to learn my friend”

“Alright, alright, I surrender. You win…… this time.” Linduu said as she hung her head in defeat.

“Very well done, you both displayed amazing technique and stamina. Now, are you ready to exercise some of your new powers?”

“She already used one of her new ones.”

“What are you talking about cutie? I have always known how to do that.” She said with a wink.

“You will choose one power to exercise Jor-el, and Linduu shall pick another one, a different one. Now, shall we begin?”

“Yes, I will go first.” Jor-el stated with confidence.

“Which one are you going to use?” Linduu asked.

“You are about to find out.” Jor-el said laughing.

“No, no, no! Not that one please!”

With that Jor-el stretched out his thoughts, and entered her mind. The Midichlorians had taught him how to control the actions of others through his mind, and what followed was complete hysteria.

He forced her to run into a rock and in the process knock her backwards and into a sitting position on the ground. Then he moved her hand down to the dirt, swiping her fingers along the ground. The hand came up to her upper lip and she began rubbing her fingers across it forming a dirt mustache. Then he forced her to stick her hand inside of her mouth. Jor-el released her, he began to laugh so hard his side started to hurt. He grabbed it and sat down on the ground to catch his breath. Linduu regained her consciousness and immediately began choking on her own hand. She pulled it out,

“That’s just not funny!! Why am I sitting on the ground? What else did you do to me? I hate you!”

“Ah come on now, you don’t really hate me do you?” Jor-el asked with a smirk on his face.

“No I don’t, but at the moment I am not very happy with you.”

“It is your turn now Linduu, what is your choice?” The Midichlorians asked.

“I am going to sense the future. But not just the near future, I am going to look far, far ahead.”

The crystals glowed. “Very well then, begin.”

Linduu stayed in her sitting position, and began to calm her mind. She did as the Midichlorians had taught her and soon began to see something.

“What is it you see?” The crystals asked.

“I see a Jedi knight. He is in a fierce battle with a droid. Oh my! The droid is wielding 4 lightsabers. He is flailing carelessly at the Jedi! The Jedi just cut off one of the droid’s hands! Jor-el the Jedi, he looks like, he looks a lot like you!”

With that she ended her meditation.

“Like me? What do you mean? Midichlorians what do you know of this?” Jor-el asked.

“It is true. He looked like you, because he was your descendant. Know this Jor-el Kenobi that in a time of great evil, and great need, a Jedi knight shall arise and be the last beacon of a dying hope. He shall bear the name of Kenobi, he will be of your bloodline, and will be the last one to bear your name as well.”

“Wait, that means I am going to have children?”

“If you follow you heart, and not your mind, and are able to defeat the Sith, then this vision shall come to pass.”

With that Jor-el was overcome by emotion, he now knew it was love he was feeling for Linduu. And he now knew that good would come of him following his heart, and not the Jedi code. He looked up and locked his eyes into a gaze with hers, she returned the gaze and her eyes were shouting love, joy, passion, yet uncertainty. The emotions that began to flood over Jor-el were uncontrollable, he felt like the engine of a swoop bike was buzzing around in his stomach. And for the first time since his master had died, he felt like he wasn't alone.

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