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Chapter IX
Part II

“T-4 fire up the engines and take us into orbit.”

“Twoo beep”

“No I don’t know where we are going. All I know is that the Midichlorians said they would open another wormhole thingy back to where we came from.”


“Yes I know it’s a rough ride, but we have to go through it anyway.”

“Beep beep”

The Ethon star’s engines came to life with a mighty blast. T-4 lifted the ship off the ground and retracted the landing gear. Within minutes the ship was orbiting the dark planet. Without having to wait so much as 20 seconds a wormhole opened for the ship to travel through once again.

“Beep twoo beep beep”

“What did he say Jor-el?”

“He said hold on to something!”

The Ethon star entered the vortex and once again the crew found themselves plastered against the nearest wall of the ship. The journey was just as violent as the first one, and just when it seemed like the vessel could take no more punishment they exited hyper-space, once again just in the nick of time.

“I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to make a habit of doing that” Jor-el exclaimed.

“I don’t know, I kind of like it, it gives me a rush!” quipped Linduu.

“Alright T-4 set a course for Tatooine once again, we need to restock our supplies, but this time land on the opposite side of the planet.” And looking at Linduu he said “Because I don’t want your ex-slaver to be getting any ideas. It’s best he doesn’t know you are back.”

“I agree, but I guarantee you that if he tried anything I would have no problem resolving the situation.”

“Yes I know you wouldn’t, that’s why we aren’t going anywhere near Mos Dreeska. It’s best if we don’t attract attention to ourselves for a while. We need a little rest before we make our next move.”


“T-4 let us know when we are getting close, I will take over from there.”

“Beep boop”

“Lin, since we have such a long journey ahead of us I was wondering if you would answer me something that I have been meaning to ask you?”

“Sure, anything, what do you want to know?”

“I have just been curious, what has it been like to bear the last name of Onasi all these years?”

“Oh wow, tougher than you can imagine. It has been a hard road so far.”

“Do you mind talking about it? Or is it a touchy subject?”

“It is hard to talk about, but I will do it for you.” She said with a smile.

“When I was a little girl all that my father used to talk about was how great it is to be an Onasi. How Carth Onasi was one of the greatest men to ever roam the universe. He always told me that I had a name of greatness and that I couldn’t run from it no matter what.”

“Wow sounds like a bit of a nightmare.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t all that bad. My father and mother loved me very much. They always tried to make sure that I had the best of everything. My Dad was a strong man, and not just physically, but in his beliefs and his love for my mother and myself. Pretty much in just about everything. He was the perfect role model. In fact I think in part, that I love you for many of those same reasons. When I look inside of you I see a lot of my father, and I loved him very much. So I guess you could say he was not all that different from you, with the exception of being a Jedi, wielding the force and what not.” She said with a chuckle.

“Sounds like a great guy” Jor-el quipped.

“Yeah, but it was my mother who I was closest with. She was so beautiful, so sweet and loving. Everybody always said that I looked like her.”

“Well I am sure she was the 2nd most beautiful woman in the world then, next to you of course”

Linduu was blushing, “Yeah but when the war came all that ended. When we got word that the ship carrying my father in battle above Yavin II had been destroyed, my mother and I didn’t know what to do. She was so heart broken, all she did was cry for weeks on end. I have to admit that being only 10 years old I wanted to cry as well, and I did for a little while. But mostly I just wanted to be strong for her, be there for her.”

“That must have been terribly hard for you to go through. I’m so sorry.”

“It was horrible. But then the next worst thing happened. The Sith attacked our planet, they broke through our defenses in a matter of an hour. We had nowhere to run or hide, they captured us and kept us in a holding cell for the better part of a month. I tell you, the screams, the blast, the people running everywhere in fear of the attack scarred me in such a way that I fear I will never fully heal from it. The day finally came when they started to torture her for any information she might have regarding the Republic fleet. Of course she didn’t know anything, but that didn’t stop them from having their fun anyway. They used mostly vibroblades as their instruments of pain. No matter where I go, or what I do, I will never forget her screaming out in pain, such agony! They would cut off a finger here, a toe there, even one of her ears, as she was held down to the ground right next to me. She tried to stay strong for me, but the pain was too much for her to bear. Finally after she no longer had the will or the blood to live, she died in my arms. I sobbed myself to sleep holding her dead body.”

“That has to be one of the most horrible things I have ever heard in my life Lin.”

“It was, and I was only 10. It was on that day that I vowed never to love anyone ever again. I didn’t want to have to go through the feeling of losing someone close to me like that ever again. But then you came along, you made me feel things that I had never thought possible. You reopened the depths of my heart. The things that the Midichlorians said to us about love, I knew they were right. It’s just that I had never expected to open myself up like that again. That is why I took off running, that and the fact that you had just shot me down when I had opened up to you.”

“Wow Lin, I am so sorry, I never had any Idea. Can you ever forgive me?”

“I already have my love. I could never hold anything against you.”

“Thank you, that’s always nice to hear” Jor-el said smiling. “So didn’t you have any friends when you were younger?”

“The only friend I had was a droid, his name was RC 1162. He was a quirky little droid. Sometimes I think that he had a loose circuit or two. But for the most part he was someone I could talk to. Other than that I never really had any friends.”

“What happened to your droid?”

“As far as I know the Sith sold him to slavers as well, I guess they figured they might as well make some profit off the two of us.”

“Thank you Lin, for sharing all of that with me, I know it must have been hard for you.”

“It is hard to talk about, but I would do anything for you Jor-el, anything.”

“Alright then, I think that's enough talk for the night, it’s probably best we head off to bed, we have a long journey ahead of us and we need to be rested when we get to Tatooine.”

Jor-el and Linduu fell asleep and for the first time in years they slept for a whole night without waking up. The next morning T-4 woke them up with a frantic message!

“Beep twoo beep beep!”

“What! What’s going on Jor-el?”

“T-4 says we are near Tatooine, but that there is a Sith Battle cruiser in orbit!”

“What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, hang on though, things might get a little bit choppy from here on out.”

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