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Chapter X

“I don’t think they have seen us yet, but it’s only a matter of seconds.”

“It’s too late! I am picking up multiple ships on an intercept course heading straight for us!”

“T-4 set the turrets to auto target now! Linduu, you know that power that the Midichlorians taught you?”

“Which power are you talking about?”

“You know the one where you can make yourself invisible through the force.”

“Oh right that one, what about it?”

“Do you think that you could do that to the entire ship? Could you make us invisible? They might see us on their sensors, but they wouldn’t be able to see us visibly. It would at least give us a small chance to get to the surface.”

Linduu wrinkled her eyebrows with a frown coming upon her face. “I don’t know. I can give it a try.”

“Alright then, it’s now or never!”

Jor-el was clutching the flight controls with white knuckled fist as Linduu sat down and began to focus her thoughts. With each passing second the palms of his hands began to pour more and more sweat.

“Here they come I sure hope you have been able to do it.”

The Ethon star and her crew passed right through the midst of the fighters.

“I think it worked Lin, they don’t seem to be able to see us! Wait, they’re coming back around now. They can still see us on their sensors, but not with their eyes, this is great.”

Suddenly the fighters began to fire blind, random shots at them.

“Okay maybe I spoke too soon. We are taking some hits but I still don’t think they can see us. We aren’t going to be able to take this for much longer, bah, flying is for droids! I’ve got an Idea, T-4 on my mark I want you to shut down every system we have, and only run the life support at minimal levels.”

“Beep beep twoo”

“Okay ready, ready, wait for it…. Now T-4, now!”

T-4 instantly shut down everything on the ship, the engines, the shields, the sensors, everything! Their attackers passed over them and continued to fire blindly ahead.

“Well, looks like it worked, great job T-4, looks like we are invisible to their sensors. Linduu I know you are concentrating and can’t talk, just keep it up for a bit longer. Those fighters are going to have to return to the ship soon. If we can wait them out then we will make our way to the far side of the planet and then we will be able to land unnoticed.”

10 minutes passed without their attackers detecting them.

“Okay their gone now Lin, you can uncloak the ship.”

Linduu stood up but had to brace herself against the cockpit doorway. “It’s a good thing it didn’t take any longer Jor-el, I don’t know if I could have kept the ship cloaked anymore. The amount of focus and energy it was taking me to do that was indescribable.”

“None the less Lin, that was amazing! The fact that you were able to do that at just a moment’s notice shows me how strong you are becoming in the force.”

“Yes well let’s not test my abilities like that for a while ok? I think that was a big enough challenge for the day. I’m weak Jor-el, I need some food and some rest.”

“Alright then I think that it’s safe for us to start the ship back up and land on Tatooine now. T-4 fire up the systems, let’s get out of here.”

The Ethon star roared to life as it glided towards the planet’s desert surface below.

“We need to find a place to store the ship for a while. Perhaps we can find some space in one of the ports below. Hmm, looks like Mos Eisly is the closest, Linduu see if you can hail the port control center.”

“Mos Eisly this is the Ethon star, requesting directions to an empty docking station.”

“Ethon star this is the Mos eisly control center. Docking station 126 is open and waiting, coordinates are being transferred to your navicomputer.”

“Hopefully we don’t encounter any problems in the spaceport, we need to find out what that Sith battle cruiser is doing here at Tatooine and it would make it a lot easier if we didn’t draw any attention to ourselves.”

Linduu placed her hands over her stomach, “Agreed love, but first thing we are doing is finding a cantina and getting some food!”

Jor-el smiled, “Ok, ok love we are almost there, patience.”

They landed the ship in the docking bay and prepared to depart.

“Okay T-4, we are going to be gone for a few days if all goes as planned. I want you to run routine maintenance on the ship and make sure no one steals our baby here, got it?”

“Doot deet”

Linduu tugged at Jor-el’s sleeve, “Come on slow poke I am starving!”

“Okay fine, if you aren’t the most impatient woman I have ever known.”

Linduu pursed her lips, “Hey! That’s not nice you take that back right now!”

“Or else you’ll do what?”

“Or else I will make myself invisible and take my own vacation for a few days without you.”

“Okay, okay, you win. I’m sorry, I take it back.” Jor-el said with his hands in the air.

They made their way out of the docking area and onto one of the main streets.

“Look love, down there, there is a cantina just a few blocks ahead.”

Linduu jumped up and down like a little girl. “Yay, food!”

As they headed towards the cantina a cold, menacing shiver went up Jor-el’s spine.

“Ah it’s just the wind” he thought.

Behind them standing in the shadows stood a dark figure wearing a hooded cloak, it was watching their every movement. “Yes my lord, he has arrived, but he is not alone. A female travels with him and seems to know the ways of the force.”

“It will be done my lord.”

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