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Chapter XI

Jor-el and Linduu made their way towards the cantina.

“Ah, only 10 more minutes and we should be enjoying some nice hot food.” Linduu said as she rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

Jor-el laughed, “Yes, it has been quite a while since we had something besides Zorgang nuts and water”

Once inside they found a table in the west corner of the room and took a seat. A Twilek waitress approached them.

“Do you two already know what you want? Or would you like some more time to decide?”

“Well,” said Linduu, “What is the house special today?”

“Our special today is liver of Bantha, with brain of Gizka soup.”

Linduu grimaced at the thought of eating any part of such disgusting creatures. “I’ll just have a racer’s sandwich, wait make that two racer’s sandwiches and a Juma juice please.”

“And you sir?”

Jor-el thought for a moment, “I will have your biggest steak and the stiffest drink you can bring me”

“Will that be everything for you two?”

Jor-el smiled with gratitude, “Yes that will be all, thank you.”

After the waitress left, Linduu looked at Jor-el with curiosity in her eyes. “Their biggest steak and the stiffest drink they can bring you? That doesn’t sound like the healthy food a Jedi is supposed to be eating.”

Jor-el sat back in his chair with a grin on his face, “Well my love, there is one thing you must learn right now.”

“And just what is that?” Linduu said with a raised eyebrow.

“That we are the only Jedi left, therefore no one can tell me what I can or can’t eat” Jor-el replied with a noble yet joking look on his face.

“You know love, that attitude is going to get you in trouble one day.” Linduu said with quite an amount of concern in her voice.

“Hey lighten up, I was only joking”

“Yes Jor-el I know you were, and that is one thing I admire about you, the ability to joke about anything. But I’m just saying, one day it’s going to get you into trouble. Just be careful ok?”

“Alright Lin, you made your point, I’ll be more careful about serious matters in the future. But I have to ask, it’s only a steak, why are you so uptight?”

Linduu felt a shiver go up her back, “I don’t know, ever since we left the hangar bay I have felt uneasy.”

Jor-el took a deep breath, “I was hoping it was just the wind, but I felt the darkness as well. It felt very similar to when we saw the vision of Vandar.”

“I agree, we should be careful love, I sense something is not right in this place.”

Jor-el thought for a moment. “Alright then Lin, let’s eat our food when it arrives and then we shall look for a place to stay, but we should keep our wits about us. I want you to be prepared, it is very likely we will have to confront some of the Sith very soon. Real combat is much faster than our training together. Make sure to be in tune with the Force, it will not fail you.”

With that their food arrived and they ate it with very much haste as they felt like something was closing in on them from all around. Just as they were finishing up a dark, menacing presence seemed to fill the Cantina. Shrieks began to break out among the crowd and people started kicking and clawing their way to the exits. Within a few seconds Jor-el and Linduu were sitting at their table, the only two people left in the building.

“Well whatever just happened, it wasn’t good.” Jor-el said as he stood up from the table “Ready your self Linduu. I sense that whatever it was that we felt by the hangar bay is now approaching.”

Just as Linduu stood up from her seat, a wave of gripping emotion washed over her, it was painful, full of fear, and it caused her to fall face first to the ground! Jor-el knelt down beside her, his back to the front entrance.

“Lin! Are you ok? What’s wrong? What’s happening?”

From behind Jor-el came a cold, dark and emotionless voice. “Apparently your apprentice has been shaken by my presence, Master Jedi.”

Jor-el stood to his feet and whirled about to see who the voice belonged to. Before him stood a dark figure wearing a black hooded robe so that you couldn’t see its face.

“Who are you? And what do you want? Answer me now!” Jor-el blurted out, obvious anger in his voice.

“Who I am is of no importance to you Jedi.” The dark figure quipped with hatred in its voice. “All that matters right now is that I have been sent here by Lord Vandar to kill you.”

Jor-el ignited his lightsaber. “You will not be killing today, or ever again for that matter. You are nothing but a puppet of evil, and you shall not taste victory in this battle.”

The menacing figure ignited a dark red saber. “No my friend, it is you who will not be victorious, I am going to make quick work of the both of you.”

Jor-el, angry from the fact that the love of his life was laying on the floor clutching her midsection in pain, made the first move. He used the Force to lift a nearby chair and hurl it at the Sith. The dark figure raised its hand and froze the chair in midair, then closed its hand into a fist making the chair explode into nothing but splinters. Jor-el leaped forward and swung for the Sith’s head. Blocking the attempt the Sith countered with a slash at the feet. Jor-el’s silver blade blocked the attack and swung in an upward motion towards the Sith’s head, it was blocked and now the duel was on!

Linduu was beginning to adjust to the pain she was feeling. She knew that Jor-el needed her help so she got up to her feet and used the force to cloak herself. As the duel continued she crept up behind the Sith and ignited her pink lightsaber. The figure whirled around and hissed like a snake at her. Caught off guard she stumbled backward and onto the ground. Ducking just as Jor-el’s blade came flying over its head, the Sith's hood fell off revealing its face in the process. It turned and used the force to push Jor-el and sent him crashing into a table a few feet away. The Sith turned back around to attack Linduu, revealing its identity to her.

A look of unimaginable horror and disbelief made its way onto Linduu’s face and great tears began to well up in her eyes as the Sith moved closer to attack her. The only words she could seem to utter were…..


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