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Chapter XII

John Onasi stopped dead in his tracks. He had never expected to hear the word “Dad” ever again. The expression on his face went from that of anger to surprise and horror.

Linduu saw the change of emotion on the Sith’s face and with hope gleaming from her eyes asked, “Dad is it really you?”

John searched for the words to say and stuttered, “Linduu? Is that you? Are you really my baby girl?”

“Yes daddy it’s me! How are you still alive? I was told that you were killed.” Linduu said with tears running down her face.

John felt the eyes of Vandar upon him and quickly reverted back to his anger and rage.

“It is of no matter to me who you are woman, I shall kill you just as I have been ordered to.” John said with hatred and contempt in his voice. He raised his lightsaber to deal the killing blow to Linduu as she lay helpless on the ground. The sound of a saber being ignited resonated throughout the building as Jor-el got back to his feet and leaped towards Linduu, blocking John’s slash at her neck. Confused and stunned Linduu could only lay there and watch as Jor-el and her father fought each other.

“Dad you have to stop this now!” Linduu screamed in desperation. John was again caught off guard by those words and momentarily froze up. Jor-el wasted no time and stretched out with his thoughts trying to take control of John’s actions. The Sith resisted at first, but Jor-el won the battle of wills after only a few seconds. He forced John to deactivate his saber and place it on a nearby table. He then made John sit down in a chair between Linduu and himself and released his mind. When John realized what had just happened he stretched his hands outward creating a massive force wave. Jor-el and Linduu were knocked up against the walls and fell to the ground unconscious. John stood up and walked over to the table to retrieve his lightsaber and after that he simply left the cantina. His feelings were conflicted about having to kill his own daughter, despite the anger and rage that now dwelled inside of him.

“Why are you leaving Lord Onasi, accomplished yet your task is not.” Came the voice of Vandar in John’s head.

“I am returning to you my lord, I have a bone to pick with you, a few things that we need to discuss about certain, lies.” John said with purpose in his voice.

“Turn around you must, finish your task you will. If my orders you obey not, then kill you myself I will.”

“No my lord, my feelings are conflicted in this matter, I will fail if I return to try and kill them. I cannot use my anger to fuel my power when the feeling of compassion starts to take control of my heart. She is my daughter, and trying to kill her is bringing forth emotions I had long forgotten.”

“Turn around now Lord Onasi, or my wrath you shall feel.”

“Then I shall stand before you and your wrath my lord, none the less, I am returning to see you.”

With that John Onasi made his way to his personal star fighter. He left the planet and docked with the battle cruiser in orbit.

“Captain Valreem.”

“Yes Lord Onasi?”

“Set a course for Korriban, we are going to see Lord Vandar.”

“Yes Lord Onasi, we shall leave immediately.”

With that the Sith battle cruiser turned away from the planet and entered hyperspace.

2 months passed by and Jor-el and Linduu were still on Tatooine. They had spent the time there recuperating and preparing themselves for what lay before them. They found a local administrator and got married and also talked about Linduu’s father, and what they should do about him.

Jor-el opened his eyes, it was early morning and the hum of speeders could be heard over head. He rolled over and saw his new wife lying next to him.

“Good morning love, how are you feeling today?” He said with tenderness in his voice.

“I’m good Jor-el, how are you?” Linduu replied with nervousness in her voice.

“Love I’m fine, is something wrong? You seem tense.”

Linduu looked away, then back at Jor-el. “There is something I have wanted to tell you for about a week now, but I haven’t been sure how to say it, or how you would react. So I am just going to come right out with it.” She got up out of bed and walked to the window of the apartment they had been staying in. Looking outside and breathing in the morning air she said, “Jor-el, love, I’m pregnant.”

Jor-el jumped up out of bed. “What? Are you serious Lin?” He said with excitement in his voice.
Linduu turned back to face him. “Yes, I am positive, we are going to have a baby.”

Jor-el pulled her close to him and held her in his arms. “Linduu this is amazing, this is wonderful, I can’t believe it. I am going to be a father!”

Linduu sighed in relief. “Oh Jor-el, I am so glad that you are not angry or disappointed. I know the timing is not good for this to happen right now, I am just so glad you are as happy as I am.”

“Here Lin, you get back in bed and rest, I am going to make you some breakfast ok?”

“Oh Jor-el its ok, I can make breakfast.” Linduu said.

“No! I insist, I want you to rest love, I will make the food, now do as I say alright?” Jor-el said with a stern tone in his voice.

Linduu shrugged her shoulders. “Ok, if you are so determined to make me breakfast, I will not object.”

Jor-el went into the kitchen to prepare the food. As he was working he talked loudly so that Linduu could hear him in the other room.

“You know I have been thinking about why the Sith haven’t returned to attack us again. I think that Vandar is unsure of the power we possess now and wants us to make the next move.”

Linduu stepped into the kitchen doorway. “I have felt the same thing in my meditating. But the one thing that I still don’t have a clear picture on is my father. I mean after all this time to learn that he is alive, but that he has joined the Sith and become a dark Jedi. I just don’t know what to do or how to feel.”

Jor-el thought for a moment. “You know he is not the same man you once knew Lin, He may physically be your father, but his soul and mind are different now.”

“I know love, but there was still a part of my dad in him, I could see it in his eyes, I could feel it. That has to be why he wouldn’t finish killing us. I mean we were unconscious, he could have easily finished us both. No, no I have to find him again, I have to try and talk some sense into him.”

“Linduu, knowing that he is alive but has joined the Sith must be torturing you. And I am certain that our paths will cross again soon. But he is evil, he will not listen to you. If you hesitate when we confront him again, it could mean the end of your life, my life, and now our baby’s life.”

Linduu sighed. “I know you are right Jor-el, but I just can’t help to want and try to help him. I mean he is my father, I love him. The pain he must be in on the inside, it hurts me to think about it. And when the time comes, I just don’t know if I can kill my own father. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I know it is going to.”

At that moment T-4 came rushing into the apartment!

“Beep beep twoo beep!!”

“What’s going on Jor-el? What’s he saying?”

“Oh no, T-4 says that the ship just blew up into flames! Quickly, let’s get down to the docking port, maybe we can still save it!”

Jor-el and Linduu put on their boots and ran to the port where their ship was, with T-4 behind them trying to keep up. Once they arrived what they saw was horrible. The Ethon star was completely ablaze and shattered to pieces. What was once a beautiful freighter was now nothing more than mounds of burning metal.

Jor-el stood in shock. “I can’t believe it, my ship! Who did this?”

“I did.” Came the sound of a gruff voice behind them.

Jor-el and Linduu turned around to see a figure in a dark robe emerge from the shadows, a red lightsaber in his hand.

Jor-el ignited his saber. “Who are you? What do you want?

“I’m here to finish what I started back on Dantooine 5 years ago, when the end of my lightsaber sticking through your chest should have killed you.”

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