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Chapter XIII

“Oh I don’t think so, not this time. You shall not best me again.” Jor-el said with a hint of anger in his voice.

The Sith stood up straight from his battle stance in surprise. “What’s this? Is that anger I detect in your voice Kenobi? You don’t even want to know how your pathetic master managed to save you, but not kill me in the process?”

A look of rage formed on Jor-el’s face. “No I don’t want to know anything. I just want to separate your worthless head from your pathetic body.”

Linduu looked at her love in horror. “Jor-el, how can you say such things? Are we not supposed to run from our anger, our rage? Do they not lead to the dark side?”

“I don’t have to explain myself to anyone!” Jor-el shouted. “Now get out of my way!”

The Sith assassin looked on in amazement as Jor-el used the force to knock Linduu across the docking port. She hit the wall with a loud thud, knocking her unconscious.

“Why Kenobi, I didn’t think you had it in you. I can feel your anger, it is running through my very being.”

Jor-el raised his weapon, “The only thing that is going to be running through you is my lightsaber!”

Jor-el screamed at the top of his lungs and ran at the Sith, his saber pointing straight out in front of him. His attack was met with a block and he barely ducked the Sith’s counter slash at his head. Jor-el stood back up and released a flurry of slashes and jabs. The Sith easily knocked every attempt aside. As they battled on and on Jor-el began to lose his focus in the river of his rage. He made one final swipe at the assassin’s head that left him open for attack. The Sith recognized the opportunity and raised his hand in the air creating a massive force wave. Jor-el was knocked 20 feet backward and landed in the middle of a burning pile of wreckage from the Ethon star. His saber had slipped from his hand during the trip through the air and now rested on the other side of the burning ball of fire that used to be his ship. Jor-el pulled himself out of the fire and rolled on the ground to put out the flames on his robes.

“Nothing has changed Kenobi, you were weak on Dantooine and you are even weaker now.” The Sith said as he walked over towards Jor-el. The assassin put his lightsaber to Jor-el’s neck. “You are a pathetic excuse for a Jedi.” He then kicked Jor-el in the face, taking any strength he had left to resist. “And now Kenobi, you are going to watch me kill the one thing you have left in this world that you care about. And once again you will be all alone.” The Sith let out a maniacal laugh as he walked over to where Linduu lay on the ground unconscious.
Jor-el was at a loss. He had no strength left to do anything, let alone get back to his feet. The Assassin was raising his saber to swing down onto Linduu’s neck and kill her when Jor-el closed his eyes. It seemed as if all time stopped and Jor-el was living in a moment. He began to remember the battle on Dantooine. This very Sith’s lightsaber sticking through his chest as he passed out from the pain. He remembered how his master had fallen at the hands of the Sith. That for the last 5 years he had been drifting in space alone and pointlessly all because of the Sith. He then began to dwell on his feelings for Linduu, the love she had brought into his life. The companionship, the joy, the laughter, and a soon to be born child. He never wanted to feel lonely again, he did not want to lose Linduu. He began to feel hatred, anger, and rage towards the Sith. And at the very moment when the feelings were at their peak, he grabbed onto them, fed on them, and became them.

Jor-el opened his eyes, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. He jumped to his feet and stretched his hands towards the sky. He screamed from the bottom of his lungs a cry of anger. He then used the force to call his lightsaber to him. Upon touching his hand the beautiful silver glowing weapon turned a chilling shade of blood red. It was the deepest yet most radiant shade of red you could imagine. The saber seemed to be overloading as sparks began to fly from the center of it, almost as if it were electrically charged.

The Sith turned around as he sensed the disturbance in the force. Only to see a surge of blinding force lightning coming from the end of Jor-el’s lightsaber right towards his eyes. The Lightning hit, sending him flying backwards and to the ground. His eyes were now nothing more than smoldering holes on his face.

He cried out in pain. “What have you done? What manner of trickery is this? Jedi do not possess such power.”

“Silence!” Jor-el said with a deep and disturbing tone in his voice. He then raised his hand and force lifted the Sith into the air, tossing him across the port like a rag doll. He hit on the other side and Jor-el kept him there, 20 feet off the ground and stuck to the wall.

Jor-el looked up at the Sith, his eyes were blood red now as well. “Now, you will die!”

Jor-el then threw his lightsaber towards the Sith, guiding it with the force. It lodged itself into the helpless assassin’s chest.

“I will show no mercy towards you” Jor-el said with an emotionless voice.

He then clenched his hand into fist, causing lightning to emanate from his saber and electrocute the Sith to death. The Assassin now dead Jor-el let the charred, lifeless body fall to the ground and recalled his lightsaber to his hand.

Linduu finally awoke from her unconscious state. She sat up only to feel a strong dark side presence in the force behind her. She slowly turned around and saw Jor-el standing there looking down on her. His face looked like the most evil thing she had ever seen. His eyes were blood red and his lightsaber matched.

Shivers went up and down her spine. “Jor-el, is that you?” Linduu said with a quiver in her voice.

With that Jor-el’s facial features seemed to return to normal. His eyes turned back to their normal shade of blue and his saber back to its shimmering silver.

“Linduu, I…. I….” Were all the words Jor-el could mutter before he fell to the ground in a heap.

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