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Chapter XV

Jor-el, Linduu and T-4 were powerless to do anything. The Sith raider had seemingly hijacked them and was racing towards Korriban at faster than light speeds.

“Jor-el is there nothing you can do to stop this infernal ship?” Linduu was breathing rapidly and on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

“Calm yourself Linduu, be mindful of your feelings. There is nothing to fear at the moment and getting overly excited isn’t going to make things any better.” Jor-el reached his hand back behind his head for Linduu to hold, hoping it would bring her some comfort and calm her down. “It appears that we are headed for Korriban and that our fates are in the hands of the force.”

She grabbed his hand and gripped it tightly. “Jor-el what is on Korriban? I have never been there. All I know about it is the stories that I used to hear when I was a child. All I know is that it is said to be a place of great evil.”

Jor-el winced at the massive understatement of her words. “Great evil indeed my love, Korriban used to be the home of the Sith. But after the Mandalorian wars, and after the Sith civil war, it became nothing more than dust and ashes. It is now just a graveyard of death. Many Sith lords now rest in tombs on the planet’s surface, and because of their fallen state their souls have not been able to become one with the force. They still linger, thus creating a strong dark side presence on Korriban for as long as it remains.”

Jor-el’s words sent shivers up Linduu’s spine. “Sounds like somewhere I don’t want to go, although it looks as if we don’t have a choice.”

Jor-el smiled. “Don’t worry my love, I am sure we will find nothing more than rubble and ruins once we get there.”

“Are you sure Jor-el? Why would this raider be programmed to take us there if nothing remained anymore?”

Jor-el thought for a moment. “It’s probably just an old program from back in the day, hidden away in its computer core all this time. Still you make a good point. We should be on our guard just in case.”

The raider lurched forward as it slowed down to exit hyperspace. Upon exiting the group was face to face with a huge armada of Sith cruisers and destroyers. They were orbiting the planet just as a pack of Kath hounds would their prey.

Jor-el felt a knot in the pit of his stomach. “Well looks like this place isn’t abandoned after all. I can’t believe the size of this fleet!”

“T-4 could you please scan the sector and report the number of ships?” Linduu asked.

“Beep beep woo.”

Jor-el’s mouth dropped wide open. “50 cruisers and 200 destroyers, how is that possible? Where are they getting the resources to build such a fleet?”

“Well remember Jor-el, the Sith are running the galaxy now. There is nothing to stop them from ravaging entire planets just for production’s sake.” Linduu replied as she shook her head in disbelief. “Why are they not hailing us?”

“Do I need to remind you that we are in a Sith raider my love? There is no need for them to police their own ships.”

“Right, I knew that.” Linduu replied, her cheeks a little red from the embarrassment of asking such a stupid question.

The ship continued it’s decent towards the planet’s surface. It entered the atmosphere and began heading straight for a massive spaceport.

Jor-el’s eyes were wide in amazement. “Will you look at this city it must be twice the size of Mos Eisly. How could they have built and developed so much in only 5 years?”

Linduu looked down on the buildings. “Yes it appears as if their resolve matches their unlimited resources.”

Beyond the city they could see the tombs of the Sith as well as the ruins of an old academy. The skyline above them was dark and foreboding. Lightning seemed to be a constant thing as well, for it filled the sky endlessly.

“This place gives me the creeps Jor-el, it really is evil.” Linduu said with a quivering voice.

“Hold on Lin, looks as if we are coming in for a landing.”

The raider slowed to a stop and hovered in midair above an open docking space. It slowly descended and finally came to rest on the ground. Jor-el and Linduu exited the ship’s cockpit. T-4 started to leave the ship with them but Jor-el stopped him.

“No T-4, I need you to stay here. Now that the auto program has run its course I want you to see if you can rewrite the ship’s programming to fit our needs.”

“Beep beep”

“Very well then, I will keep in contact with you on our personal communicators.”

The two Jedi made their way out onto what appeared to be one of the main streets of the city. There were carts containing various things being pulled by Bomas as well as human slaves up and down the path. The street still unpaved threw dust in every direction, making it hard to breathe. There were buildings of all sizes all around them, cantinas, marketplaces, speeder shops, and even the occasional junkyard here and there. Many of the people began to notice the clothing on Jor-el and Linduu.

“Lin I think it would be a good idea if we got rid of these Jedi robes and found some more appropriate, shall I say plain attire.”

“Yes love, I think you are right.” Linduu replied.

They made their way to a clothing hut not more than two blocks away. Ten minutes later they emerged from the shop with new clothing.

Linduu studied their surroundings. “So what do we do now big guy?”

Jor-el noticed a few dark Jedi walking by. “Well we need to stay under the radar for now, at least until we can come up with a plan on what to do. We should probably find a place of lodging to stay at. After than we need to find out as much as we can about what’s going on around here. Also we need to see if we can pick up on a trail that might lead us to Vandar.”

Linduu rubbed her hand over her stomach in a circular motion. “Yeah I also wouldn’t mind getting some food, that wasn’t the shortest trip I have ever had.”

Jor-el nodded in agreement and they made their way to the nearest cantina. Once inside they took a seat near the back and ordered their food.


The two dark Jedi were going about their patrol of the spaceport when a masked figure in a dark cloak appeared before them.

“My lord, where did you come from? We did not sense your presence.” The two Sith said as they knelt on the ground.

The masked figure raised its hand for them to be silent. “A raider landed about 20 minutes ago.” It said with a low feminine voice. “Lord Vandar sensed that the two Jedi we have been hunting were in it.”

One of the patrol guards interrupted. “Are you sure my Lord? The Jedi, here?”

The cloaked figure raised her hand and lifted the one who interrupted her into the air. “You shall never interrupt me again.” She said as she choked him to death with the force. She let the body fall to the ground and looked at the other patrol guard. “Find the Jedi, and find them now or your death won’t be so quick.”

The dark Jedi bowed down to the ground. “Yes lord Lantill, it shall be done immediately.” With that he ran off into the city to find Jor-el and Linduu.

A moment later Lantill’s communicator began to buzz. She opened it up in the palm of her hand and a hologram appeared.

“Jasra have you found the two Jedi yet?” The figure in the image asked.

“No my lord Onasi, but they shall not remain hidden for long.” She replied with determination in her voice.

“Good, see to it personally that they are not allowed to leave the planet. Lord Vandar has seen through the force that my daughter is pregnant with Kenobi’s baby. He has special plans in mind for the child.”

Jasra smiled at the thought of what devious plans lord Vandar might have in mind. “Yes lord Onasi, I shall contact you as soon as I know where they are.”


John Onasi entered into Vandar’s palace. He walked into the throne room and knelt down on one knee before the dark lord. “My lord, they are on Korriban, we shall take them prisoner very soon.”

Vandar removed the dark hood from his head. “Good, good my faithful apprentice. Done well you have. The girl alive I want, but kill Kenobi you must.”

“Yes my lord, it shall be as you command.” John replied. With that he exited the throne room and made his way to his personal raider. It was a hybrid, a mix between a Naboo star fighter and a Clone trooper X-wing. He climbed inside the cockpit and strapped himself in. “Computer set a course for Korriban.”

“Course plot completed, engaging engines.” The computer replied.

John Onasi prepared himself for the 12 hour journey. His ship climbed into the air and exited the atmosphere.

The computer spoke once again. “Engaging hyper drive.”

The raider disappeared from Onderon’s orbit, John Onasi was on his way to kill Jor-el Kenobi.

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