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Chapter XVI

The deafening silence of the night sent shivers up Linduu’s spine. It was pitch black outside and there was a feeling of eeriness in the air. She walked over to the window of the room that she and Jor-el had found at an Inn for the night. She placed her hands on the window seal and peered out into the night. “How a place this big becomes so quiet is beyond my understanding. This place really gives me the creeps.”

Jor-el walked up behind Linduu and placed his hands on her shoulders. “It should give you the creeps my love. Korriban is filled with the dark side. In fact some say that Korriban came into existence as a result of the dark side of the force.” Jor-el said. “None the less, we have nothing to fear as long as we are together. As long as we focus our thoughts and watch each other’s backs, then we will make it through whatever this planet throws at us.”

“I hope you are right Jor-el. All I know is that I am glad I’m not here alone.” Linduu said. “So what did you find out at the central information hub?”

Jor-el turned around and sat down on the bed. “That this city is the only one on Korriban at the moment. It is the first of many that are planned as part of a restoration project.” Jor-el took a deep breath before he continued on. “And it appears as if Vandar is looking for something.”

“Looking for something? What do you mean?” Linduu asked.

“It seems that he is hiring as many archeologists as he can get his hands on.” Jor-el replied.

Linduu looked at Jor-el quizzically. “What is he looking for J?”

“Well the information hub didn’t have that stored in its database, and I expected that it wouldn’t. So I went back to the cantina and did some eavesdropping on some of the local’s conversations.”

Linduu sat down beside Jor-el. “And what did you find out?”

Jor-el got up from the bed and began pacing around the room.

“My Jor-el this must be serious. What is it? Come on and tell me already.” Linduu said.

Jor-el took a deep breath. “It seems that there is an ancient and powerful Sith artifact buried here on the planet in one of the tombs.” Jor-el paused for a moment. “One that if found will increase Vandar’s power tenfold.”

Linduu threw her hands up into the air. “Well this just keeps getting better and better now doesn’t it.”

“That’s not all.” Jor-el said. “I have sensed the presence of an old friend here on Korriban.”

“An old friend you say? Well that can’t be all bad can it?” Linduu asked.

Jor-el continued his pacing. “Yes it is actually. This friend of mine trained side by side with me during my early days at the Jedi academy. She was very wise and powerful for her young age. In fact I would say that she was leaps and bounds ahead of me in many aspects.”

Linduu noticed Jor-el’s facial expressions begin to drop. “What is it Jor-el? What happened?”

“She fell to the dark side and joined the Sith during the last war. Since I have sensed her presence here I fear that she has sensed mine as well. She poses a great threat to us, I don’t think we should stay here very long if we can help it.” Jor-el replied.

“What is her name J?” Linduu asked.

“Her name was Jasra Lantill, though I don’t know what she is called now. You know with how the Sith seem obsessed about changing their names to such meaningless things like, Darth booger, or Lord goober.” Jor-el replied.

“Ah I see.” Linduu said. “I see that you find the Sith changing their names to be quite pointless, even funny.”

Jor-el smiled. “Yeah I really never have understood why they do it, but that’s not the important thing right now. For the moment I think we need to concentrate on getting to this ancient artifact before the Sith do.”

“Any ideas on how we should go about doing that?” Linduu asked.

“Earlier in the cantina I overheard one of the Sith archeologist telling his companions that he had found the tomb where the artifact is said to be. Supposedly this tomb has not yet been discovered by anyone else.” A small smirk made its way onto Jor-el’s face. “I took the liberty of placing a tracking device into the cargo on one of the Banthas in their caravan. We should be able to follow them right to it.”

Linduu smiled at Jor-el’s resourcefulness. “Well done my love. Now what about numbers, how many of them are there going to be waiting for us at the tomb when we arrive?”

“I counted four of them in the cantina, and I figure a few of Vandar’s elite assassins will probably accompany them. After all, he wants this artifact really bad and wouldn’t risk the chance of an archeologist messing this whole thing up for him.” Jor-el replied.

“When are they setting out after the tomb?” Linduu asked.

“They have most likely already left my love. We should probably get going after them right away. All we have to do is follow the tracking device.” Jor-el replied.

“Sounds like a good plan, let’s make sure to keep our thoughts focused and centered.” Linduu said.

Jor-el put his arm around Linduu’s shoulders. “Of course my love, why wouldn’t we.” He said with a smile.

Jor-el and Linduu set out into the eerie night after the caravan. Making sure to stay out of sight and be as quiet as possible.


John Onasi’s raider exited hyperspace and began its decent towards Korriban. He pushed a button and opened up a communications channel with Jasra.

“Lord Lantill, have you made any progress in detaining the two Jedi?”

“Yes my lord, all is going according as planned. We are tracking their every movement. At the moment they are headed out into the ruins. They are following the archeologist that claims to know where the tomb and artifact are located.” Jasra replied.

“Good, good, very well done Jasra. I will be on the planet’s surface in a few minutes. We will meet up then and head out after them. If they find the tomb then it will be much easier for us to kill Kenobi and capture the female once they are inside.” John said.

“Very well my lord, I shall be awaiting your arrival.” Jasra replied.

Jasra closed the communications channel and walked to the edge of the roof on top of the building on which she was standing. “Good.” She thought to herself. “Neither Vandar nor Onasi suspect anything. It appears as if though my plan is going to succeed after all.” She let out an evil, maniacal laugh as she peered out over the city.

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