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Chapter XVII

“Where are they now?” John Onasi asked.

“By now I would imagine that they have uncovered the entrance to the tomb and are probably inside.” Jasra Lantill replied as she knelt before her lord.

“You may rise.” John said. “We should probably make our way to the cave now if we are to have any chance of trapping the girl.”

Jasra rose to her feet. “My Lord, shall I order these assassins to accompany us?” She asked as she pointed to the cloaked figures behind her.

“No, we can handle this on our own.” John replied. “Lord Vandar gave me strict instructions to handle this alone, with the exception of you. He was very angry after I returned empty handed from my first battle with Kenobi. I won’t give him a second chance to berate me.”

“Very well my Lord.” Jasra said as she and John turned to face the ruins. “I promise you my master. Jor-el Kenobi will not make it through this night alive.”

John turned and faced her. “He had better not. Otherwise I am going to separate your head from your body.” He waved his hand towards the ruins. “Now let us depart.”

They started off with a slow jog and worked their way up to a brisk run as they headed towards the tomb.

“No my master, it is your head which will be removed on this night.” Jasra thought to herself as she ran stride for stride with him.


Jor-el and Linduu were standing at the tomb entrance looking inside.

“Do we have to go in there?” Linduu asked. “This place really gives me the creeps.”

Jor-el smiled at her comment. “I will admit that this place isn’t exactly the hottest vacation spot.” He looked back down into the dark tomb entrance. “None the less, we have to go in. If we wait any longer then we risk having the archeologist find the artifact.”

“Well why can’t we just wait out here and jump them when they come out?” Linduu asked.

“Because if one of those assassins that escorted them in there comes out holding the artifact, well, let’s just say that I think he would be more than a match for us. Of course that is assuming the stories that I heard about this thing are true.” Jor-el replied.

Linduu raised one of her eyebrows. “So what, we wait for them to find it, but take care of them before they can grab it?”

Jor-el smiled. “Now you’re getting the idea. It’s about time you started learning to think strategically.”

Linduu shot one of those icy female glances over at Jor-el. “What are you trying to say? That I didn’t know how to do so before?” Linduu walked over to Jor-el and cupped his face in her hands. “Give me a little more credit than that love. I got you to fall in love with me didn’t I?”

“Oh now you’ve gone from strategic, to smart aleck.” Jor-el replied with a smile on his face. “Come on then, let’s get inside and do what we came here for.”

They stepped inside the tomb entrance and began sneaking closer and closer towards where the archeologist was searching. They followed the sounds of the voices up ahead of them that echoed through the catacombs of the tomb.

“There they are. Quick, hide!” Linduu whispered as she ducked down behind a rock formation.

Jor-el hid behind some boxes of equipment that the Sith had brought with them. “Be on your guard now, there’s no telling what might happen from this point on.” He whispered.

“Wait, I think I’ve found it!” yelled the archeologist. “Wait, never mind. It’s just an old depleted lightsaber emitter.”

Linduu looked around the big room and noticed something odd. “Something’s not right here.”

Jor-el glanced over at her. “What do you mean?”

“There aren’t any markings or writings describing who this tomb belongs to.” She replied.

Jor-el looked down at the ground with a frown. “You’re right.” He said still whispering. “But why would there be no writings? I mean if even the artifacts left behind by this Sith are so powerful, then surely he was a great Sith lord of much renown.”

“Perhaps I can answer that question.” A female voice said from behind them as Jasra and John stepped out of the darkness and into the light of the torches that hung from the wall.

(6 hours ago.)

“My lord will you keep the artifact for yourself?” The young assassin asked.

“How can I keep something that doesn’t exist?” Jasra replied.

“What do you mean my lord?” The assassin asked her.

“The artifact, the tomb, it is all just a lie.” Jasra replied.

The young assassin looked puzzled. “A lie, what do you mean? Why would you lie about such a thing?

“You have so much to learn, and my patience is growing very thin with you.” Jasra replied with anger in her voice. “It is all a part of my plan to kill Lord Onasi and take his place as Vandar’s second in command.” Jasra was now looking up into the sky with her arms outstretched towards the clouds. “And then I shall kill Vandar and become the new ruler of the Sith!”

“So the tomb and the artifact don’t exist?” The young Sith asked.

“Well the artifact doesn’t, but the tomb does in a way.” Jasra replied. “I found an empty cave network about 3 months ago. So I decided to use it to aid me in my plan of killing Lord Onasi.” Jasra had a proud smirk on her face now. “So I did a few things to make the inside of the cave look like a tomb. Then I spread the rumors about the powerful artifact in hopes that Lord Vandar would send his second in command here to search for it. Now I will admit things haven’t quite worked out like I planned. But none the less Lord Onasi is on his way here as we speak. Once I get him alone he is a dead man.”

“But my lord, don’t you fear that he or Vandar will sense your plot through the force?” The assassin asked.

Jasra ignited her red double bladed lightsaber and pressed it up very close to the young Sith’s throat. “That is the last time that you ever question me again, do I make myself clear?” The young Sith nodded in acknowledgement. “Good, remain loyal to me and I will make you a ruler of many worlds. Neither Vandar nor Onasi will find out about what I am planning. I can shield my thoughts from them just as easily as I can walk across the street.”
(Back to the present.)

Jasra looked over at the assassins which were guarding the archeologist. “It seems we have some intruders over here that need to be taught a lesson.”
The four assassins walked over towards where Jor-el and Linduu were now standing.

“Capture the girl, leave the male to us.” Jasra commanded as she and John ignited their lightsabers.

The assassins ignited their sabers as well and began to move towards Linduu. Jor-el and Linduu gave each other a look that said, “I love you, no matter what happens, I love you.”

Linduu ignited her pink double blade and dropped into a defensive position. The four Assassins leaped towards her and began their attack. Jor-el ignited his silver lightsaber and instantly went on the offensive. Slashing, thrusting, ducking and countering every attack that Jasra and John made.

Jor-el and Linduu were in for the fight of their lives.

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