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Chapter XVIII

Flashes of pink and red collided in every direction imaginable as Linduu used her double bladed saber to defend herself with unmatched skill. Still, battling four Sith assassins at once was all she could handle and then some. She used the force to push one of the Sith across the fake tomb. His head slammed against the wall and he fell to the ground unconscious. Linduu blocked an attempt high, and then low. She force pushed the other three back about 20 feet and then focused on a rock formation that was hanging above the other Sith that she had slammed against the wall. Using the force she caused the rocks to come crashing down on the unconscious body of the assassin, killing him in the process.

She focused her attention back on the three remaining Sith. “And to think I was about to break a sweat fighting four of you.” A smile formed on her face. “Now there are only three of you. I might get home in time for dinner if you keep dropping at this rate.”


“Always in a playful mood aren’t you. Use your energy for attacking, not talking.” Jor-el said to Linduu as he overheard her remark to the assassins.

“Advice you would do well to follow.” John remarked as he lifted Jor-el into the air with a quick wave of his hand sending him flying back against the wall of rock.

Jor-el regained his composure just in time, as he blocked a slash from Jasra’s saber that was directed at his neck.

“This tomb is going to belong to you after we are done with you.” Jasra said as she continued her attack.

Jor-el was done talking. He opened up a flurry of slashes, spins, flips and counters on John and Jasra simultaneously. John circled around behind Jor-el and took a swing for his lower back. Jor-el dodged it by jumping up and flipping over and behind him. Just as John turned around Jor-l kicked him in the gut, sending him flying into Jasra. Their heads cracked together and they fell to the ground in a heap.

Jor-el took the brief moment to catch his breath. “Wow, I didn’t know you had such feelings for John there Jasra.” Jor-el said jokingly as he watched Jasra pick herself up off of John.

“You would do well not to anger me more.” Jasra replied. “I might just torture you for a while and then kill you, instead of just cutting you down right now.”

“Let’s finish this.” Jor-el said as he twirled his silver double blade in front of him, bringing it to a stop in a defensive position.


“You are weakening.” One of the assassins said as he stabbed for Linduu’s mid-section.

Linduu knocked his attack aside and brought the blade on the other end of her saber around, removing the Sith’s head from his body.

“Weakening? You’ve got to be kidding me I’m not even breathing hard.” Linduu said as she tried to catch her breath.

She needed to finish this fight now and she knew it. She sensed that Jor-el was getting tired, and she understood that because he was fighting two Sith Lords, just one mistake would be his end. Linduu blocked a few more attacks from the two remaining assassins before she decided to put an end to the fight. As she was blocking their attacks, she stretched forth with her feelings into her lightsaber. The force began to flow strongly through her weapon. She blocked one last attempt by her attackers and then lifted her saber above her head. The two assassins were lifted up by the force with her saber. They were both frozen in the air above Linduu’s head, one above each blade. She began to twirl her saber slowly, but started speeding it up with each revolution. The two assassins were helpless to do anything as they each followed the blade they were above in circles. Once Linduu sensed that they were flying around above her with enough speed, she released her focus on her weapon sending each assassin flying across the room and into the rock walls. They hit with such impact that it killed them instantly.

She turned around and saw the archeologist cowering behind some boxes. “If you want to live then you had better leave right now.” Linduu said. The young archeologist stood up and ran out of the tomb as fast as he could. She then began running over to where Jor-el was dueling with his opponents. He was holding his own quite well, but she sensed that he was weakening with every passing second. John sensed her coming from behind him. Immediately he turned and hit her with a force push that sent her tumbling head over heels across the cave floor.

“Linduu!” Jor-el said as he turned to see her lying on the ground, concerned that she had been seriously injured. His love for her would be his downfall however. His momentary break in his attack gave John and Jasra the advantage that they had been looking for. John quickly used the force to begin choking Jor-el, lifting him up into the air in the process. Struggling to breathe, Jor-el lost his concentration on everything else. He could feel his body losing life. His hands and feet were going numb as his body began to shut down. His lightsaber shut itself off as it fell from his hand to the ground.

“And now your pathetic life finally comes to an end.” Jasra sneered with pride.

“No!” Linduu cried out as she struggled to get back up to her feet. But it was too late. Jasra readied her saber as John released Jor-el from the hold and he fell to the ground. Lying on his back and struggling to regain strength, he knew that it was over. “I love you Lin.” Were the only words he could get out as Jasra stabbed her saber straight down at the ground piercing right through Jor-el’s heart and killing him instantly.

Linduu’s heart sank to the bottom of her very being. The man that she loved had just been killed right in front of her. It seemed in that moment as if the whole universe just froze and time stood still. All of the memories that she had accumulated in her short time with Jor-el flashed through her mind. She knew what she had to do. She knew that she had to finish this fight and defeat Vandar. She knew that she had to go on living, to raise the unborn child that Jor-el had given to her. And to bring it up to be like its father.

“And I will always love you Jor-el.” Linduu said as she used the force to propel herself at John. She opened up a furious attack of slashes and thrust. Within seconds she had already worn John down to the point that he wanted to give up. She slashed high and as John blocked it she brought the other end of her weapon around and cut off both his hands. They fell to the ground gripping his now deactivated lightsaber.

“How you could do this to me dad?” Linduu shouted out with tears streaming down her face. “How could you join the Sith? How could you betray mom and I? And how could you kill the only man that I will ever love, the father of my child?”

In a moment of weakness John realized the truth. He realized all that he had been doing was evil. “Linduu, I, I………..”

“Now hold on just a minute.” Jasra butted in. “Let’s not forget there young lady, that it was my saber who killed your precious husband.” Jasra said with a proud look on her face. “And let’s also not forget about my plan.”

Linduu readied her lightsaber for an attack. “And what plan would that be?”

“This one!” Jasra replied as she created a massive force wave sending Linduu flying.

“And now my Lord Onasi, I shall complete my plan.” She said as she spit on John’s face. Jasra stretched out her hand as force lighting surged from her fingers hitting John’s body and causing him to scream out in pain.

“Why, why are you doing this?” John could barely get the words out to ask.

“Oh don’t be so naïve my Lord. It is the way of the Sith, you know that.” Jasra increased the strength of her force lightning so that it began to lift John up into the air. By the time he was standing he was already dead. Still Jasra wanted to make sure. She ignited her saber in her other hand and cut John’s head off. The force lightning stopped emanating from her fingertips and John’s headless body fell to the ground.

Jasra kicked both of the lifeless bodies that were lying in front of her, just to make sure that they were indeed dead. “Finally, the first half of my plan is complete.” Jasra sneered to herself.

“And you won’t have the chance to complete the second part.” Linduu’s voice came from behind. Jasra whirled around to see Linduu standing 20 feet away from her. Tears were still streaming down her face and a look of determination was in her eyes. Jasra couldn’t look at her for long though as Linduu’s lightsaber was now glowing white. Such a pure white that it was exceedingly blinding, it lit up the entire cavern as if the suns of Tatooine themselves were inside it.

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