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Chapter XIX

“You fool! Nothing will stop me from killing Vandar and taking my rightful place as Lord of the Sith.” Jasra sneered.

“I’ve heard enough.” Linduu said. “You have killed my Husband and my Father. The pain that is shooting through my entire being is more than even you could understand. None the less, I will not give in to my hatred.” Linduu raised her saber into the air with one end pointed up and the other towards the ground. “And you will learn here and now that one does not have to give in to the Dark side in order to be strong.” Linduu immediately struck the ground with the end of her saber that was pointed down. As soon as it hit a wave of blinding white light went out from it in all directions.

“Nooooooo!” Jasra screamed out in horror as the wave of light reached where she was standing. Upon touching her, she fell to the ground instantly. Her body was as stiff as a log and her mind asleep, as if it were frozen in carbonite. Yet the breath of life did not leave her, she was still alive, but barely.

Linduu deactivated her weapon and ran over to Jor-el’s lifeless body. “No.” She sobbed as tears streamed down her face. “Not now Jor-el, you can’t be dead. We were supposed to live out our lives together, to grow old together. I need you. I can’t do what I have to without you.” Linduu held Jor-el’s head in her arms, stroking his face with her hand. She sat there mourning the loss of her one true love for what seemed like days. The cold darkness of the tomb all around her only added to her pain. A few more hours passed by when suddenly the currents of the Force shifted in the tomb. Linduu sensed the change and quickly jumped to her feet. Upon focusing her thoughts a little more she felt that someone had entered the tomb. She quickly cloaked herself using the Force.


Linduu quickly whirled about to see where the voice had come from. But she saw no one.

“Linduu I’m over here.”

She quickly whirled back around to where the voice was coming from. But again she saw nothing.

“This is so much fun! You should see the look on your face right now.” The voice said in between laughs.

Linduu stood there listening, and to her amazement the voice sounded like…… “Never mind, it can’t be, it’s not possible.” She thought to herself.

“No, you’re right. It is me.” The voice said.

“I don’t know who you are, or where you are, but this isn’t funny at all.” Linduu shouted out. “And if I get my hands on you….”

Suddenly a figure of light appeared right in front of her. And it looked just like Jor-el. Linduu stumbled backwards and fell to the ground as her foot caught a rock, uncloaking herself in the process.

“This can’t be happening, you are dead.” Linduu said with her eyes wide in amazement.

“Linduu I may be physically dead in your world. But I am alive and well in the world beyond, the world of the Force.” Jor-el’s ghost said.

Linduu didn’t know if she should rejoice or cry. “I don’t understand.” She said.

Jor-el folded his arms. “Lin there is so much I have to tell you. So much that I need to explain to you.”

“Well you could start by explaining how I am sitting here by your dead body, yet talking to you at the same time.” Linduu replied.

Jor-el moved closer to Linduu and got down on his knees, looking her directly in the eyes. “I will, I promise. But right now there are more Assassins coming to see if Jasra was successful or if she failed in her attempted plan. You have to go now. You have to get back to T-4 and the Raider. I will help you more from there.”

Linduu got to her feet and brushed the dirt off her robe. “Can’t you just help me fight them?” She asked.

Jor-el folded his arms as he was growing impatient. “I cannot interfere. I can only be your guide. I promise that I will keep my eye on you and tell you what to do. But you have to go now!” The Force ghost of Jor-el disappeared in an instant, leaving Linduu alone once again.

“Alright then, this is definitely something that the Midichlorians didn’t include in the training manual.” Linduu thought to herself. She was overcome with emotion, yet didn’t know which one she should be feeling. She was destroyed about the fact that her husband was dead. On the other hand she was happy that she could still talk to him. Yet she didn’t know how to feel about him in his present state. She once again cloaked herself using the Force and made her way out of the tomb. She crept through the ruins, passing the Assassins along the way. Once by them she ran all the way back to the hangar where T-4 was, just as Jor-el had instructed.


Jasra awoke to the sight of two of her Assassins standing over her. She sat up, holding her hand to her forehead as it ached mercilessly.

“My Lord, are you alright? We feared that you were dead.” One of the Assassins asked.

Jasra stood to her feet, anger coursing through her body. “Did you?” She snapped. “Or were you planning on putting a Saber through my heart to make sure I was? Thus claiming your new spot as leader of this settlement?”

The two Assassins knelt down before her. “No my Lord, we would never think of doing such a thing.” One of them replied.

“Yes Lord Lantill, we would never…..” The other was cut off in mid-sentence by Jasra.

“Where is the girl?” She shouted.

“I, I don’t know my Lord. When we got here you were the only one still alive.” One of them stuttered in response.

Jasra became furious as anger and hatred raged through her body. “You let her escape?”

“My Lord, we had no Idea…..”

“Enough!” Jasra shouted. “You will now die for your incompetence.” Jasra stretched out her hands, sending each Assassin flying into the wall with a Force push. She held them against the wall, the pressure of her power pushing against their bodies. “I’ve really got to find better help.” Jasra said, followed by a maniacal laugh. She then fed on her rage as lighting shot out from both her hands, frying the two Assassins to death. “It is of no matter.” Jasra said out loud. “I am still going to Onderon. And I am still going to kill that incompetent fool of a leader Vandar.” Having finished with the two Assassins she exited the tomb. She headed back into town, straight for her personal Destroyer class ship.


(Back at the Hangar with T-4 and Linduu.)

“Jor-el, can you hear me? Are you here?” Linduu asked as she looked about.

Jor-el appeared in front of her. “Yes I am here my love.” He replied.

Linduu dropped down to her knees and began to cry. “Jor-el I don’t know how I am supposed to deal with this. I mean you are dead right?”

Jor-el sat down on the ground in front of her. “Yes I am, but only in your world, the one I just left. But I am alive in this one.”

“You said that before back in the cave, but I still don’t understand.” Linduu said.

“Back a long time ago when the first of the Jedi died.” Jor-el began. “He entered into the world beyond the physical. He learned that the rules that governed the physical universe no longer applied to him, thus making him more powerful than anyone could ever achieve in the physical realm.” Jo-el stood back up. “He eventually learned though, that he could not use his powers to interfere in the physical universe. But the one thing he could do was communicate with someone who was sensitive in the Force, and was emotionally close to him when he lived in the physical world. He taught that person how to be able to do the same once they died and joined him in the world beyond. That teaching was passed down to few throughout the years. As the Force would have it, my master was one of those who could see and hear someone from the other side. Once he died he never spoke to me and I never knew why. But when I got here he taught me the secret of doing so myself. I learned very quickly as you can see.” Jor-el said as a look of accomplishment came across his face.

“But Jor-el this doesn’t help me right now. I need you here physically with me. I can’t hold you, kiss you, or wrap myself in your arms for comfort.” Linduu said.

Jor-el knelt down in front of her. “I know Lin, I know. But right now you have to pull yourself together for me. There is still a lot to be done. And you have to live. Our baby has to be born. He is very important to the future of the Universe”

“He?” Linddu asked in surprise. “You know that it is a boy?”

Jor-el smiled. “Yes I know that it is a boy, one of the perks of being dead you know.”

“This is not a joking matter Jor-el. How can you stand there and joke about your own death?” Linduu asked as another tear slid down her cheek.

“I’m sorry Lin, really, I just couldn’t resist. You know me.” Jor-el said with a smile.

“Yes, I know you.” Linduu replied as she burned a hole right through Jor-el with her icy stare.

“Lin, I really wish we could talk more, but Jasra is about to leave the planet in her ship. She is going to Onderon to try and kill Vandar.” Jor-el said.

“And you want me to follow her and make sure they both die right?” Linduu asked.

“Right.” Jor-el replied.

Linduu turned to T-4. “Fire up the ships engines T-4 and plot a course for Onderon.”

“Beep beep.” T-4 asked as he wheeled himself under the wing of the Raider.

“No T-4, Jor-el isn’t going to be coming with us this time.” Linduu replied. She turned back around only to see that Jor-el was gone. “Right then, it’s off to Onderon to take on the whole Sith army all alone.” She thought to herself. Linduu climbed into the Raider’s cockpit and closed the hatch.

“Are you ready T-4?” She asked.

“Beep beep beep.” T-4 acknowledged.

“Alright then, up we go.”

The Raider blasted off from the planet’s surface and left the atmosphere within seconds. Once in orbit Linduu shut down all the ship’s systems. She then used the Force to cloak herself and the Raider.

“Alright Jasra looks like it’s your move.”

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