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Chapter XX

Jasra’s Destroyer lifted off the surface of the planet and exited Korriban’s orbit. Her ship was a gift to her from Lord Vandar for her ruthlessness, leadership, and downright evilness. It was equipped with the latest blaster cannon technology. So much so that she could easily level entire cities from orbit, as she had been known to do for fun on several occasions. The ship was run by a crew of around 500 men and women. 100 of those being Sith Assassins who were loyal to her, and her alone.

“Take me to Onderon now!” Jasra barked out as she gave the Captain of the ship an icy stare that would have frozen a pack of wild Banthas dead in their tracks.

“Yes my lord.” The captain replied.

“And Captain,” Jasra said. “If it takes longer than 12 hours to get there I will personally put you out the aft airlock.”

“Yes my lord.” The Captains voice quivered in reply. “As you command, we will be there in less than 12 hours.”

Jasra turned to exit the bridge. “Very good Captain, see to it.”

The Destroyer’s hyper-drive engines roared to life as the ship jumped away towards Onderon.


“Alright T-4 looks like Jasra is on her way.” Linduu said as she fiddled with some buttons on the control panel. “Set a course for Onderon and let’s be on our way.”

“Beep beep bop.” T-4 replied. He engaged the Hyper-drive and the Raider entered hyper-space towards their destination. As they traveled Linduu let out a sigh as she thought about Jor-el, and how she wished he was here.

“Ah, but I am here.” Jor-el said, causing Linduu to jump out of her seat and hit her head on the canopy above.

“Ouch!” Linddu exclaimed.

“Oh sorry there Lin, did I scare you?” Jor-el asked in a playful tone.

“You had better not be smiling right now.” Linduu said. “I may not be able to see you, but you had better wipe off that silly grin that I know is on your face.”

Jor-el chuckled. “Ok you got me, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you like that.”

Linduu rubbed that top of her head. “I forgive you. Just try not to be so loud next time when I’m not expecting it.”

“Alright, I’ll be a bit more subtle next time.” Jor-el replied.

“So getting down to business, how again am I supposed to do this all on my own?” Linduu asked.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about Linduu.” Jor-el said. “The way I figure it you have about 12 hours or so before you reach Onderon. During that time I need you to meditate. You need to clear your mind of all distractions and search out the intents of your heart.”

“Why?” Linduu asked. “What does that have to do with me, facing the biggest suicide mission in history all alone?”

“Because Linduu, there is still a lot of untapped potential within you. I saw it back in the cave as you knocked Jasra out without even touching her. I must say that wave of Light was a Force power unlike any I have ever seen or heard of.” Jor-el said.

“You saw that huh?” Linduu said. “I don’t even know how I did it. It kind of just happened.”

“You were able to draw on strength that you didn’t know you had.” Jor-el replied. “I sense that there is a lot of that still in you, just waiting to be used. That’s why I need you to gather your thoughts and the motives of your heart. You need to be 100 percent ready for what you are about to face.”

Linduu rested her head on the back of her seat. “I miss you my love.”

“I know you do. I miss you as well. But that is exactly the kind of thing that you have to put out of your thoughts. Such thinking will only lead to your death, our baby’s death, and the death of the Universe.”

“All right then.” Linduu said. “You’ve made your point. I will do what I must.”

“Very well then, I will leave you to your meditating.” Jor-el said. “And may the Force be with you my love.”


Twelve hours later T-4 informed Linduu that they were about to drop out of hyper-space.

“Thank you T-4. I will take the controls from here on out.” Linduu replied. “This time they won’t even have a chance to see us drop out of the hyper-window.”

Linduu used the Force to sense when they would drop out of Hyper-space and Force cloaked the ship at the exact moment they exited.

“T-4, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Linduu remarked.

Directly in front of them lay Onderon. The dark side of the Force was extremely strong here as it sent shivers up and down Linduu’s spine. In between them and the planet was the biggest fleet of ships she had ever seen. Hundreds, if not thousands of Sith Cruisers and Destroyers orbited all around the planet. Off to the left was Dxun, Onderon’s moon. What seemed like a dark red cloud of energy extended from the moon all the way to Onderon. And it appeared that when it hit the planet’s atmosphere it began to spread out even bigger. It encompassed all of Onderon in a bubble. Amazingly though this was not what caught Linduu’s eye. Off to the right of the planet was a structure of amazing proportions. It appeared as if the construction on it was not yet complete. Just the same though, it was the size and shape of a small moon.

“If that’s a space station or a ship, then it’s the biggest one I have ever seen in my short life.” Linduu said aloud.

“Wooo” T-4 replied.

“That thing can’t be meant for good.” Linduu said as she stretched forth her feelings with the Force towards the station. “It is meant for mass levels of destruction, that much I am sure of.”

“Beep beep.”

“Before we do anything, we need to find out as much as we can about that station as well as the cloud that seems to stretch from the moon to the planet.”

Linduu piloted the ship closer and closer towards the planet, weaving in and out of the way of all the ships that were orbiting. The closer she got to the cloud and its bubble around the planet, the more she felt disturbed, uneasy and on edge. Finally clear of all the ships now Linduu began to descend the Raider into the atmosphere. As they passed through the cloud of dark energy it sent a jolt of fear through Linduu’s body like she had never felt before. None the less she kept the Raider on course for the planet’s surface. When they had finally passed through the clouds and were able to see the ground Linduu’s heart sank to the floor at what she saw. Below them was a barren planet. Where once there were tall buildings and beautiful lakes, were now rubble and dried up mud holes. There were thousands of slaves all over the place that appeared to be working mines of some sort.

“My parent’s use to bring me here on vacation before the war started.” Linduu said as tears welled up in her eyes. “It was so beautiful, so peaceful. The people here were always so wonderful and caring. Now look at it! It is nothing but rubble and ashes. And the people….” Linduu paused to take a deep breath. “No doubt Vandar enslaved them all after he took over the planet. But what is it he has them doing? Are they mining, or searching for something perhaps?”

“Beep droot.” T-4 replied.

“Yes T-4, we are going to do our best to help them. Vandar is going to pay for wha…..” Linduu was cut off in mid-sentence as she heard a voice in her head.

“Know you are here I do. Come to kill me try you have. Your exact location know I not. But your presence I do feel. Try you will, miserably fail you will in the end. If my side you will not join, then torture you I will. Torture you for pleasure my own.”

Linduu tried to calm the fear that was welling up inside her to the best of her ability. But she couldn’t block it out completely.

“Who is this? Vandar is tha…..” Once again she was cut off.

“Your baby raise as my own I will. Great power to him will I give. My new apprentice will he become.”

“Noooo!” Linduu screamed out in horror. “You will never have the chance to even see my baby! I won’t leave this planet until I have ended your rule and the threat of the Sith completely!”

“Try if you must.” Vandar replied. “Take your baby I will. Stop me you cannot.”

“Jor-el! Jor-el where are you?” Linduu shouted as tears began to flow down her face. “Jor-el I am so scared, I can’t do this alone. I need you, where are you?”

There was no answer. Only the sounds of Linduu’s sobs and the ship as it flew through the air.

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