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Chapter XXIII

Linduu placing her hand in front of her face to shield her eyes, walked over and picked up the lightsaber.

“Good.” The voice said. “Now remove the focusing crystal and place it inside the sarcophagus.”

“I don’t understand.” Linduu replied. “Who, or what am I talking with?”

“It is us, the Midichlorians.” They replied. “Remember the crystals you and Jor-el took from the cave for your sabers are also the same crystals from which we are able to communicate.”

“Right, I knew that.” Linduu replied with a sheepish grin on her face. “So why do you want me to put the crystal inside the sarcophagus?”

“Because we will be able to neutralize the dark energy that is feeding the generator. Once that is done you will have a chance to defeat Vandar.”

“Dark energy?” Linduu asked with a puzzled look on her face. “I thought that even the dark Jedi drew their power from you. At least that’s what you told us back on your planet.”

“Yes it’s true.” They replied. “All force users draw their power from us. But we are not unlike any other sentient beings. Even we have those among us who are bad. And that is what has transpired here in this place. There are a few evil ones here who have malice and destruction at heart. There are very few of them though. On the whole we far outnumber the bad. We will be able to put a stop to them without much trouble.” The Mididchlorians pause for a moment. “Do you understand?”

“Yes I understand.” Linduu said as she walked over to the sarcophagus and slid it open. Carefully she removed the crystal from the lightsaber and placed it inside. As soon as she slid the cover shut the entire complex began to shake violently. Linduu ran over to a pillar and braced herself against it. Rocks began falling from the ceiling above and cracks began forming on the ground beneath Linduu’s feet. After a few moments the dark red cloud disappeared.

“There the evil ones in this place are now dead. Or translated for the sith the energy that Freedon Nad left behind has now been destroyed.” The Midichlorians said. “Now it is your turn Linduu. It is time to defeat Vandar and his followers. But before you go allow us to bestow upon you, how shall we say, a blessing, a gift of sorts. Through all that has happened to you, your heart has remained pure. Now it is time for you to realize your true potential.”

A bright white ball of light rose out of the sarcophagus and floated in front of Linduu.

“What is this?” Linduu asked.

“Reach out with your hand and touch it.”

Linduu slowly reached out with her hand, and stopped just before she touched it.

“Will this hurt?” She asked.

“No, quite to the contrary, you will feel more powerful than you ever have before. This will give you the strength to accomplish your goals.”

Linduu reached her hand forward and touched the blinding white light. As soon as her finger touched it she was enveloped by it. Her mind was quickly transformed so that her maximum potential for using the Force was attained. After a few seconds the light disappeared and the transformation was complete.

“There, it is done.” The Midichlorians said. “There wasn’t much more we could do as you were almost already at your full potential. But you will find that some of your skills have been increased in power. Now go, bring balance back to the universe. You are everyone’s last chance.”

“There’s just one more thing.” Linduu stated. “Could you open that for me?” She asked as she pointed towards the massive door that exited the cavern.

“Of course, allow us.”

A beam of light shot out of the sarcophagus and hit the door. Immediately they swung open as if a ten foot tall giant had run right through them.

“Thank you.” Linduu said as she ran out of the cavern. She immediately cloaked herself and found that it didn’t draw as much on her energy as it did before just as the Midichlorians had told her. She passed through the hallways without being seen or encountering any trouble. Most of the guards were knocked out from the earthquake that transpired when the dark cloud was destroyed. And those that were still conscious were scrambling about in fear trying to figure out what had just hit them.

Linduu reached the tunnel exit and headed straight for her ship. On her way back she realized that Jasra’s cruiser was gone.

(She must have called it back once the cloud was destroyed) Linduu thought. (I’ve got to hurry back and meet with T-4 before too much chaos ensues on the planet. No doubt Jasra is going to act quickly.)

She reached the raider and fired up the engines. Linduu cloaked the ship as it blasted off and rocketed up into the sky towards Onderon. As Linduu drew closer and closer to the planet she had to pull off some amazing flying as the entire Sith fleet seemed to be flying about in disarray.

(The cloud’s sudden disappearance must have them spooked.)

She looked for a clear path through the mess of ships as the raider continued its blaring pace towards Onderon’s surface. She caught sight of a larger warship that was plowing its way through the carnage and brought the raider up underneath its hull and paralleled her course accordingly. Linduu was just about through the fray when she sensed danger through the force. Looking about frantically she noticed another smaller cruiser coming from below her raider and the warship. It was on a dead collision course for them. Linduu didn’t have time to think and only reacted. She pulled hard left on the controls and sent the raider soaring into a series of barrel rolls. She got away from the warship just as the cruiser’s nose barreled straight into it from underneath. The cruiser began crumpling up into the warship like a pop can being smashed with explosion after explosion. Likewise the Warship’s hull and bridge burst into flames as pieces of both went flying off into space. Linduu put a little more distance between them as both the larger vessels exploded into a million bits with chunks of flaming metal shooting out in every direction hitting other ships.

(Whew that was a close call.) Linduu though as she wiped the sweat that had formed on her forehead away.

With just a bit more fancy piloting and nerves of steel Linduu had cleared the chaos of the fleet and was now descending into the atmosphere towards the warehouse where she was supposed to meet T-4. She caught sight of the building and gently nudged the ship through the hole in the east wall. She sat the ship down and shut off the engines. Linduu climbed out of the cockpit and as soon as her feet hit the ground the hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up.

She turned around and ignited her lightsaber simultaneously. Across the room she saw a red saber ignited. Its light revealed a helpless T-4 and casted an ominous glow on a cloaked figure. But it was so dark that Linduu couldn’t make out who it was. She prepared herself for the fight to come and began slowly walking towards T-4 and the figure.

“Who’s there?” She asked.

“Your end.” A female voice replied.

At that moment another ship collision in orbit lit up the night sky. The explosion provided enough light for Linduu to recognize Jasra’s face.

“So our moment in time has finally come.” Linduu said as she raised her pink saberstaff.

“No.” Jasra stated. “My moment has finally come.” As if on cue, dark storm clouds began rolling in. Lighting began to flash and thunder rolled its way across the sky. And when the lighting wasn’t flashing more ships were colliding in the heavens above, providing an almost constant source of light in the dark cloudy night.

“I will not let my husband’s death have been in vain.” Linduu cried out as she went on the offensive, charging straight for Jasra.

Chapter XXIV

Linduu immediately took the offensive with a flurry of moves. It was all Jasra could do to backpedal and block Linduu's attempts as she was caught off-guard by her aggressive nature. Thrust after thrust, slash after slash, with each movement Linduu's emotions grew more and more out of control. The fight went on and on as the sabers clashed and crackled in the night air. Jasra blocked and countered until she felt as if her arms were about to fall off when finally she saw an opening. She blocked Linduu's attempted slash at her legs locking the sabers together. She then slid her saber up Linduu's all the way to the hilt with blinding speed. Sparks spewed out of Linduu's saber as Jasra severed its lower half.

"There that's better." Jasra said with a smirk on her face. "Now the odds are definitely against you."

Now it was Jasra's turn as she instantly went on the offensive. Caught off guard by the prospect of having only one blade to work with Linduu was now the one backpedaling, barely able to keep up with Jasra's movements.

(Oh Linduu you gizka brain! You exhausted yourself with your initial attack.) Linduu thought to herself as the sabers hummed between them. (I'm in real trouble now.... getting tired.... Any help would be greatly appreciated Jor-el.) Still, as before, there was no answer from her love.

No sooner had she finished her thoughts when her right heel caught a piece of debris on the ground and threw her off balance. Linduu crashed to the ground, back first with a thud. The impact sent her saber flying away, leaving her helpless and at Jasra's mercy.

"Finally, I have my moment of glory." Jasra sneered as she stood over Linduu with the business end of her saber pointed at her throat. She let out a laugh so evil that the very ground seemed to shake beneath them. "It is I, Jasra Lantill who shall destroy the last of the Jedi and rid the galaxy of them forever!!"

"No.." Linduu sobbed. "This can't be happening, this isn't right."

"Any last words Jedi?" Jasra said with a victorious look on her face.

At that moment Jor-el's force ghost appeared right in front of Jasra, his eyes full of fury locked in a gaze with her own.

"This... this is impossible!" Jasra said as she pointed her saber at Jor-el and began to slowly back away. "You're dead! I killed you myself."

Jor-el remained silent as he continued walking towards her. Jasra became so fixed on Jor-el that she was almost hypnotized by his presence. Her saber lowered and her sense of the surrounding area faded into darkness. All she could do was stare into Jor-el's eyes, it was as if some magic was holding her gaze with his. She took a few more steps back when all of a sudden Jor-el disappeared and the image of his ghost was replaced by Linduu's fist flying straight at her nose. *whap!* Linduu's punch connected solidly and sent Jasra tumbling backwards. As she tried to regain her balance T-4 rolled up right behind her, tripping her as the back of her knees hit his metal chassis. This time it was Jasra's saber that flew out of her hands, and Linduu wasted no time. She pounced on Jasra like a cat, fist swinging wildly. A right hand to the face and a left to Jasra's gut. Jasra countered with a kick to the upper chest that sent Linduu flying off of her. Both women used the force to get up off the ground swiftly and were standing toe to toe once again. Linduu tried to take another swing with her fist, but her arm was stopped mid motion as Jasra placed a Force choke on her. Linduu tried to break the hold but Jasra's power was strong, and her rage even stronger. Linduu was slipping away, slowly suffocating. Just as she was about to black out Linduu reached out into the force with all the willpower she could muster. Jasra was caught off guard by Linduu's sudden burst of power. She felt a disturbance behind her and whirled about only to see T-4 airborne flying right for her head! *Clank!* T-4 slammed into Jasra with blinding speed and then dropped to the ground. Jasra slumped to her knees and fell face first into the dirt, temporarily knocked unconscious.

"Beep beep whooo!!!!" T-4 began spouting wildly. "Beep beep, whoo, wwaaaaa, bop bop beep!"

Linduu dropped to one knee gasping for air. "Sorry T-4 you were the only heavy object I could feel through the force, I had no choice but to pull you towards me."

"Beep beep!" T-4 exclaimed.

Linduu stood to her feet and used the force to call her saber to her hand. "Look, I'll make it up to you ok. If we make it through all of this then I promise that you will receive the best oil bath credits can buy."

"Beep droot." T-4 replied in a calmer tone.

Linduu approached Jasra's motionless body without caution. All she could think about was killing her to gain revenge for Jor-el's death. As she reached Jasra the rage inside of her grew even stronger. Her lightsaber beam turned into a deep dark shade of red. Thoughts of what Jasra and the Sith had taken from her life began to run through her mind. She raised her saber above her head, the tip of the beam pointed down at Jasra.

"Now I shall avenge my husband’s death!"

Linduu thrust her saber down for the killing blow. But with unnatural speed Jasra rolled out of the way, called her own saber to her and simultaneously ignited it and slashed for Linduu's neck. Linduu barely ducked in time, Jasra's saber whizzing by an inch from the top of her head.

"You can't kill me you fool!" Jasra hissed as she swiped for Linduu's leg.

Linduu blocked the attempt and countered with a thrust followed by a flurry of upward arcing slashes. Jasra blocked each with cunning skill and countered with powerful attacks of her own driven by the black rage within her heart. The battle yet again raged on for what seemed like an eternity till finally Linduu had exhausted herself.

"You are tired, I can feel it." Jasra sneered between clenched teeth. "You cannot defeat me, I am too powerful."

As she finished her rant Jasra extended her free hand causing a massive force push that sent Linduu flying into the raider. The cracking sound of her head slamming into the ship resonated throughout the entire warehouse. Everything became blurry as Jasra approached. She couldn't move anything, and the back of her head ached like nothing she had ever felt before. The last image Linduu saw before everything faded to black was Jasra taking the saber from her hand and raising both of them above her head to deal the killing blow. Linduu faded away, knowing that she had failed her husband, her child, and the entire universe.


"Linduu my love, you mustn’t give up." Linduu heard Jor-el's voice resonating in her head. "You have come so far, you are so close."

(I don't have the strength, I can't move, I can't even open my eyes.)

"The universe is depending on you. I am depending on you. Our child, our child is depending on you. There is a purpose for his life. You can't let the Sith take it."

(She is too strong. Even if I could defeat her, how then would I even come close to stopping Vandar?)

"She is not stronger than you."

(How then is it that she is about to win?)

"Linduu, my love, my sweet. You let your emotions get the best of you. You were feeding off of your rage and hatred towards Jasra. You wanted to take revenge on her for killing me. You cannot beat her at her own game. You are strong in the light, and that is where you must draw your power from. Focus on peace, serenity and life."

(But I am so angry with her for taking you from me. I miss you terribly Jor-el. I can't live life without you.)

"Let go of the past my love. I know you are hurting. I know that you miss me, I miss you too. But I have passed from your world, nothing you can do will change that. Let go of your hatred for her. Focus on the task at hand."

(I will try what you ask.)

"I know you will Lin." Jor-el said and then paused. "And know this. That I will always be with you in your heart. I will always love you. And that is something that no one can ever take from you."
(I will always love you to Jor-el.)



Linduu's eyes shot open in time to see the two sabers coming down at her. Not more than a few seconds had passed while she was unconscious. She simply thought of a force wave and Jasra and the raider were sent flying away from Linduu. Jasra flew across the warehouse and hit the ground, skidding to a stop that peeled most of the skin from her right arm and face. The raider flew in the opposite direction and slammed into the wall, sending sparks flying everywhere.

Linduu stood to her feet and called both of the sabers from Jasra's hands to her own. Linduu's eyes glowed white hot as she centered her thoughts more and more on the light side of the force. She began walking towards where Jasra was laying with the intent of ending this fight and killing her. But when she got about halfway there she felt something.

(What's this? A spark of good in Jasra? A glimmer of hope for redemption perhaps?)

Jasra jumped to her feet. "You'll never win Jedi!" She screamed as she shot out force lightning from her hands at Linduu.

Linduu simply raised her saber and deflected the bolts into the ground. She then disengaged both sabers and dropped them.

"What's your story Jasra?" Linduu asked. "What made you fall to the dark side?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Jasra said seething with anger. "The power! The unlimited power!" And once again her hands shot out lighting at Linduu.

Linduu raised her hands this time, absorbing the bolts and making them disappear.

"If the dark side is so powerful, then why is it that you haven't killed me yet? No, no there is something more, I can feel it. Perhaps you turned on the Jedi out of anger?" Linduu asked.

"Your feeble attempts to sway me will have no effect Jedi." Jasra sneered as she continued to spew forth lightning from her fingertips.

Linduu all the while kept neutralizing it when the bolts reached her. "Perhaps you lost someone you loved? Perhaps you had no one to turn to so you blamed it on the Jedi?"

"My personal life is none of your concern!" Jasra shouted out. "Now die! Just die!"

Linduu could sense Jasra's frustration growing. Because of this Jasra's guard was lowered and Linduu took the opportunity to dig into her mind.

(Ah yes, there it is. You poor woman. I pity you now that I know the truth.)

"Your sister's death was not your fault." Linduu stated in a caring tone.

Jasra's ceased her attacks immediately as she was taken aback by the statement. Linduu noticed her facial features soften and continued.

"Even had you been there. There's no guarantee that you could have saved her."

"What would you know about it Jedi! Nothing!" Jasra said as the hatred returned to her demeanor.

"I can help you Jasra, I can help heal your wound and take the pain away. This fight doesn't have to end with one of us dying." Linduu said as she stopped walking and stood about 10 feet from Jasra.

"I don't want your help Jedi! All I want is to kill you where you stand." Jasra said as she raised her hands to attack Linduu again with more lightning.

"Then I'm sorry." Linduu replied.

Before Jasra could begin her attack Linduu lifted her hands, the two lightsabers behind her lifted off the ground, ignited, and flew past her ears right for Jasra. They found their mark, one in Jasra's head, and one in her heart. The Sith took one last gasp of air and then fell to the ground dead. Linduu walked over, pulled the sabers out of Jasra's dead body and disengaged them. She knelt down beside her and placed a hand on her cheek.

"I'm so sorry you had to die with such pain still bound inside you." Linduu said as tears of sadness began to fall from her eyes. "I forgive you for killing my husband. I forgive you for taking away from me what you did. May you find more peace in the next world than you had here."

Linduu began to weep openly. Those were the hardest words she had ever had to say. But none the less she knew she needed to say them. After a few moments she stood to her feet and walked over to T-4.

"So my little friend." She said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "What did you find in the city's mainframe computer?"

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