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Chapter XXV

“Beep beep.” T-4 spouted in reply as he brought up is findings in the form of a hologram. A tiny sphere in the middle of the representation caught Linduu’s eye.

“That’s the space station thingy we saw in orbit above the planet right T-4?”

“Beep boop.” T-4 confirmed.

“Enlarge this area here.” Linduu said pointing her finger at the station. “And bring up all the specs you have on this thing. We need to learn what it is.”

T-4 enlarged the area on the hologram that Linduu had requested and added the data he had gathered on it to the representation. The station almost came to life as data lines of green and red began to wash over it. Specs and numbers too many to count were rolling past Linduu’s eyes.

She wiped some more tears from her eyes. “T-4 you’re going to have to help me here. None of this means anything to me.”

After a moment of crunching the data in his main processor T-4 spouted out his findings.

“Beep bop droot deet!”

Linduu placed her hand over her mouth as she gasped in horror. “We can’t let anything as powerful as this be completed!” She began pacing back and forth, thinking of what she could do. “A device created solely for the purpose of extinguishing all life on a planet with a single burst of energy.” She stopped pacing. “It’s just beyond me that anyone, even a Sith lord would stoop to such lows. Not even giving people a fighting chance.”

She began pacing again. “To just sit in orbit and shoot your beam weapon, killing everyone at once, it’s just plain cowardice, not like a Sith at all.”

“Beep beep” T-4 interrupted her.

Linduu let out a small chuckle. “Yeah you’re right T-4, that’s exactly how a Sith lord would act, what was I thinking.” Linduu shook her head. “Still though, I would have expected a little bit more from Vandar. Him being a former Jedi master and all. I guess the dark side has corrupted every last bit of his heart and mind.”

“I need a moment to meditate on what we should do.” She said as she walked over to the corner and sat down. “You keep analyzing the data and let me know if you come up with anything.”

“Beep bop.”

Linduu sat on the ground, tired, hungry, and still emotionally shook up from the battle she had just gone through. (Jor-el, help me out here will you? I don’t know what to do.)

A warmth like the rays of the sun washed over her body as she heard his voice.

(I’m here my love. We will work this out together.) Jor-el replied.

Linduu meditated for what seemed like forever, conversing back and forth with Jor-el in her head, oblivious to anything that was going on around her........................

An hour later..........................

(I have confidence in you Lin, I know you will complete this task that is so heavily set before you.)

A tear fell from Linduu’s eye. “I miss you so much my love, if only you were here by my side.”

(Shh.. Quiet my love. Concentrate on what you have to do, and only that. I will always be with you in your heart.)

“I know Jor-el.”

(Now go, and may the force be with you.)

Linduu opened her eyes, wiped a few more tears away from them, and stood to her feet.

“Beep blop” T-4 chimed out as he had finished his analysis.

“Yes I already know my little friend.” Linduu said somberly. “I saw it through the force.”

Linduu walked over and knelt down on one knee in front of the little droid.

“Open your control panel.”

“Beep” T-4 replied as he obeyed her command.

Linduu began to input commands and with each press of another button more tears began to fall.

“I have a lot to ask of you my little friend.” She said with uncertainty in her voice. “I have a mission that you must complete no matter what.”

“Wooo” T-4 hummed quietly, almost as if he was sad.

“There I’m finished.” Linduu said as she closed the panel and stood up. “Now it’s time for you to go T-4. I will contact you on my communicator when the time comes for you to execute my command. May the force be with you my friend.”

“Beep beep.” T-4 replied. The droid wheeled itself around and headed towards the raider. He rolled underneath it and hooked himself up to the loading arm.

“Goodbye.” Linduu said as she watched the droid board the ship.

Once onboard T-4 fired up the engines and lifted the ship off the ground.

“Beep bop.” T-4 took once last look at Linduu, then took off. The raider screamed towards the sky as Linduu watched it disappear from her sight.

“So much depends on you little one.” She whispered. “Don’t let us down.”

************************************************** ****

Linduu exited the warehouse and began to make her way back to Vandar’s throne room. But first she had to find a way through the city and all the chaos that ensued therein. Jasra’s small army of assassins were attacking any and all Sith who were loyal to Vandar. They even seemed to be converting a few of them over to their side. On top of that the people who had been enslaved were fighting with both factions of the Sith. Although the slaves greatly outnumbered them, they would get cut down even at 10 to 1 odds. But because the Sith were fighting each other it gave the slaves opportunities here and there to kill one or two.

(Jasra must have ordered them to storm the palace.) Linduu thought as she ducked into a dark alleyway. (Makes sense. Let your pawns do all the dirty work, then come in and clean up anything that’s left over.)

She poked her head around the corner. Sabers were clashing everywhere, bodies flying against walls, against other bodies. Screams of pain and agony ever so prevalent, even amongst the loud explosions in the sky from the battle that still raged on.

(Well, it’s now or never.) She thought as she used the force to cloak herself. Linduu exited the alleyway and carefully picked her way through all the fighting and chaos. There were a few close calls here and there, but she managed to avoid detection. She finally reached the palace where she found more of the same. Fighting, screaming......

(Well at least I should be able to get into Vandar’s throne room easily enough.)

Linduu put her back to the wall of the main corridor, flattened herself against it and slowly began making her way towards her destiny.

(I can do this. I can beat Vandar.)

(Many have said that.) She heard Vandar’s voice in her head. (Died all of them have.)

(Ignore him.) She thought. (So what if he’s over 1,000 years old. So what if I’m not the first to try.)

(This time will be no different.) Vandar continued. (Your head on a platter have I will.)

Linduu was now at the entrance to the throne room. She uncloaked herself as she stepped inside. There in front of her stood Vandar. A menacing scowl played itself across his lips. His eyes glowed red with hatred and his battle stance was one of graceful aggression. He ignited his saber.

“Know you how many killed this saber has?” He asked.

Linduu refused to let him intimidate her.

“Know you that in order not to stink, a bath one must take regularly?” Linduu asked as she chuckled to herself in her head.

Vandar leaped high into the air, and landed on a ledge above Linduu.

“Wise to provoke me further it is not.” Vandar said. “And now, foolish Jedi. Die you shall!”

He leaped off the ledge straight down at Linduu. Their sabers locked in battle as Linduu blocked his attack.

Chapter XXVI

Linduu raised her saber above her head and blocked Vandar’s descending attack with ease. Then a counter, parry, slash and low kick to the face and Vandar found himself lying on the ground staring at the business end of his opponents saber.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Linduu quipped with a tone of surprise in her voice.

Vandar hissed like a serpent as his face began to shake with anger. “Under estimated you I did. Happen again this will not!” He shouted. Linduu felt a sense of urgency from the force and stabbed for his throat, but she was too late. Vandar opened his mouth wide, letting out a blood curling ungodly scream. A sonic force blast sent Linduu flying aback into the wall behind her. But she managed to hit the ground on her feet, saber still in hand.

“Now you will learn the same lesson that your husband learned.” Vandar cried out. He leaped into the air, calling his saber to his hand with the force, and ignited it as he descended upon Linduu once again. She blocked his flurry of attacks but it took every bit of her skill. Their sabers clashed high, low, and everywhere in between. She swung for his head but he ducked and countered with a slash at her feet. Linduu force jumped over the attempt and up onto a high walkway overhead.

“Impressive.” Vandar said. “Trained well you have. But your Jedi skills save you will not.”

Linduu raised her hand towards Vandar and sent a Force push at him that sent him flying across the throne room. His head thumped hard into his throne as he fell to the ground.

“And it’s going to take more than a little bad breath from you to take me down!” Linduu barked out with authority.


Hulls crashing upon broken hulls, explosions causing more explosions, bodies floating about aimlessly in the vacuum of space. The battle amongst the Sith fleet had taken its toll. Yet it still waged on in the distance. But that wasn’t a problem for T-4 as he guided the raider through the debris effortlessly. He was heading toward the large space station that he and Linduu had noticed on their approach to the planet earlier.

“So much depends on you little one.” He kept playing Linduu’s voice over and over again in his memory core. Though a droid, he seemed to feel a sense of determination to carry out his orders.

The approach to the station wasn’t a problem as the fleet was off in the distance destroying itself. So T-4 was able to make it in without being noticed. He guided the raider into a landing pad and set it down as quietly as possible. Exiting the small craft he rolled up a ramp way and into an adjoining hallway. The place seemed to be empty, at least for the moment. T-4 spotted an information hub a few parsecs down the hall. He rolled over quietly and plugged in.

After a few moments of searching he had found what he was looking for. “Beep beep” He blurted with glee.

“Hey what was that?” A voice down the hallway asked
“I don’t know. But we had better go check it out.” A deep gruff voice replied.

T-4 scanned the hallway further and noticed a garbage chute in the wall. He rolled over and the automatic door slid open. T-4 was just small enough to fit inside. He did so quickly to try avoiding detection. Unfortunately the door did not close behind him.

Two Sith foot soldiers came walking down the hallway and didn’t notice him at first. But as they turned to walk back to their post the spotted the open chute with the little droid inside.

“Hey, what’s this? That’s not supposed to be in there.” The smaller one said,

“We’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.” The one with the gruff voice replied. “Our fleet is ripping itself apart and we haven’t heard from Jasra in over 3 hours. Just leave it there and we will deal with it later.”

“Yeah you’re probably right.” The small one replied.

As they walked away and out of sight, T-4 rolled out into the hallway and headed straight towards his destination. The power mainframe regulator, T-4 was going to get there, and nothing was going to stop him.

************************************************** **

Linduu was getting tired now, but she refused to let Vandar see that. In between slashes, blocks and counters, Linduu would ask Vandar questions.

“Why did you turn to the dark side?” She asked as she ducked a thrust to the head.

Vandar in turn jumped Linduu’s back slash at his feet. “A question of why it is not. A matter of time for all Jedi only it is.”

“I refuse to believe that!” Linduu said, momentarily letting her guard down.

Vandar took the opportunity pull a large chunk of cement that had fallen from the ceiling across the room using the force. He sent is flying at Linduu’s head from behind.

With lighting quick reflexes she blocked his saber thrust and ducked just in time to let the object fly over her head. It hit the wall behind Vandar sending tremors all the way up to the ceiling. Causing the half of it that was still standing to crash down to the floor below. Vandar leaped to the side with lighting reflexes avoiding the large pieces of cement falling to the ground. Linduu however caught a small chunk directly to the top of her head. It knocked her to the floor as all around her went black.


(My love, you must awaken. You must not fail.)

(Jor-el, I can’t. He is to strong, I have no energy left. I am wasted, I am done.)

(Linduu, you carry in you our child. Many lives depend on his being born. You cannot let Vandar kill you.)

(But if only you were here….)

(I am here, I am with you in your heart. Now you must get up! Go!)


Dazed and confused Linduu opened her eyes. Blood was running from the gash in her head down into her eyes. She stared up into the night sky, the battle was now over. The ships had all destroyed themselves, or were disabled. All was silent except for the sound of Vandar’s feet walking towards her.

“Now, understand you only at the end.” Vandar seethed. “How pathetic, last of the Jedi you are. How easily overcome you I have.”

He stopped at her body. Standing over her with his saber ready to deal the killing blow.

Linduu reached for her pouch with lightning reflexes and grabbed her communicator.

“Now T-4 Now!!!!!”

In the dark night sky above a thunderous sound that shook the ground rattled though the building. That sound was accompanied by the largest fireball Linduu had ever seen. It looked like a Mini sun had been set in the sky.

Distracted and shocked by the unexpected blast, Vandar had momentarily let his guard down to look up and see what had just happened. He then felt a tingling sensation run up and down his spine. The feeling in his hands went away and his saber dropped to the ground. He looked down only to see the end of a pink lightsaber sticking through his body.

“It is a shame it had to end this way for you.” Linduu said sadly. “But you left me no choice. Now, I must make sure of your end.”

Linduu pulled up hard on her saber, sending it up through Vandar’s chest, throat and head, killing him instantly.

His lifeless body fell to the ground and turned to ash instantly.

(I guess since the force was the only thing holding his body together, it was nothing more than ash without it.) Linduu surmised in her head.

She knelt down on one knee, exhausted and aching all over. She looked up into the sky at the remnants of the station falling down into the planet’s atmosphere, burning up like shooting stars.

“I’m so sorry T-4.” She said with a tear falling down her cheek. “You were all I had left of Jor-el in this life. And you were a faithful friend and companion. You served us well. And you will be remembered as a hero.”

(This part of your journey is over.) She heard Jor-el’s voice in her head. (But another one waits.)

(What do I do now?) She asked.

(First you must give birth to our child. Return to the planet where we trained. The planet with the Crystals of life. There you must train more Jedi. There you must teach them the true ways of the force. Raise our child to be the man that so many will need him to be. The Sith are not all dead. They will always be a threat. And we must make sure there are always Jedi to counter them.)

Linduu made her way through the city, hundreds, thousands of bodies were spread out across the streets. She made her way to the spaceport uncontested and found a small cruiser with hyperspace capabilities. The engines roared to life as she lifted off the planet and headed into space. A she broke orbit the hyper engine roared to life and the cruiser disappeared from sight. Linduu was on her way back the Crystal planet. To prepare for the next step of her journey.
The end.

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