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negative, negative, it just impacted on the surface

I tried both versions which I could find. The 0-8-4-6, and 0-8-4-5 (which was for the XP).


1. Run > bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON
2. Restart OS
3. Setup (i tried both versions; of course not at the same time, the one after another)
4. Then (!) I run the software's options. Since I dunno what to set up, i skipped it first.
5. Try to run the game - it doesnt worked out. The Game never saw the joysic.
6. I tried to "play with switching" the levers in the options (debug stuff, mapping). Same result.

But I've got feeling, that something is wrong.

Maybe, something is wrong, no?

P.S. I hope for quick response, I cant wait to play it...
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