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Originally Posted by Sith Holocron View Post
I've seen no mods that add more miners, administrators, etc that are alive to Peragus. All you have are the Sith near the end of the level.

You mean after it inevitably explodes?

All the mods I've seen for Peragus were mostly cosmetic in nature.

If that interests you, you could try these for a start:

A Darker Peragus [2.0]

Peragus Tweak 1.2

Improved Peragus Asteroid Fields 1.1

Peragus Sith Troops To Sith Assassins

Peragus Large Monitor Adjustment 0.1

Replacement Peragus II Artwork by Trench 1.0

Maintenance Officer Realistic Reskin 1.0
Thanks for the suggestions, are these all compatible with the rcm?
Originally Posted by Phildevil View Post
There's also "skip Peragus", if you are not using the restored content mod...
I'm using the rcm but I'd like to say, what, theres a skip peragus option?!

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